A dog suffered for months with too much chain around his neck. The breeder from Tachovsk was given a conditional sentence

“I found that the accused suffered animals, which was long and painful for the animals. The decision I gave on Tuesday in the form of a criminal order, that is, without a public hearing of the indictment, does not yet have legal force,” Judge Mikaela Řezníčková told Novincom.

If neither the prosecutor nor the accused agree with the verdict, the court must order a trial of the case.

Photo: Nora Dog Shelter

The dog had a chain that grew into living flesh

According to Řezníčková, the dog’s chain collar was filled with living flesh, and every movement of its head represented great pain to it. “He suffered like this for months,” the judge added, adding that the defendant should have known this. “He said he never wanted the dog. If he hadn’t gotten it, this wouldn’t have happened,” the judge said.

Photo: Nora Dog Shelter

Every movement of the head represents great pain

The dog is fine now

The emaciated hybrid was found by police in May this year. They then handed him over to animal rescuer Carl Bhopal, who took him to a vet for initial treatment and then cared for him until he made a full recovery.

“The dog is fine. We have an interested girl who wants to marry him. She is already borrowing money for trips. We still need to resolve the handover administratively,” concluded Bhopal.

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