Daniel Black: Transgendering is wrong

Daniel Black is later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and ADHD, with which he has a functional relationship with a woman and wants to reclaim his male identity. I am the one who once felt like a woman. I try to help people who fall into that ideology. It is verbal, q.

Get over the depression first, do women change my mind and how do I talk about it?
I have had clients that have been coming to me for years and two of them went high blonde. I don’t identify myself as such. They were very surprised, so I explained them briefly.

Let’s go back to your childhood, what was Daniel like then?
My childhood was horrible. I’m here for you boy. It has been 11 years. Ta had a horn. Mom never worked, she took care of her mentally ill brother. She is 36 years old. My father is 40 years old and said that if he likes me, he will take care of me. He hasn’t touched me since I was eight.

I have made a big mistake and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m a guy who got cheated on by a girl. It didn’t help my self-esteem. It burned.

Daniel Blackkadenk

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There are doctors here

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