Kyiv Day 2023 – greetings of the stars: photo

Ukrainian celebrities prefer calm skies over the city and no wind alarms.

This year, residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital celebrate on May 28 Day of Kiev.

The night was tense as the aggressors launched a massive attack on Ukraine with Iranian drones. The target of the Russian army is Kiev, because the enemy has released more than 40 drones in the city.

However, despite the difficult night, the morning in the capital was sunny, warm and friendly. So Ukrainian celebrities congratulated the people of Kiev on the day of the city and noted that the Russian invaders will never succeed in breaking the capital of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Kucherenko

The presenter has been living in Kiev for the eighth year in a row, and this time he has no desire to leave the city. Oleksandra wants the capital of Ukraine to continue to flourish.

Oleksandra Kucherenko / Photo:

“Kiev… I love you infinitely. I celebrate the eighth anniversary of our life together. I saw you differently, but I never wanted to leave you. How, when you are the best in the whole world? I live only with you, only here – I’m home, blooming forever!” Kucherenko wrote.

Andrey Petnyakov

The presenter noted that no matter how much the Russian invaders try to attack Kyiv with drones and missiles, the capital of Ukraine will always be invincible.

Andriy Biedniakov with his wife and daughter / photo:

“No matter how many missiles and drones you bombard Kiev with, it will still be better than all your cities. You have nothing like it and never will. Happy birthday, capital,” the showman wrote.

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Anna Sullivanchuk

The actress shared that she hopes that the terrible war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine will end soon, and then the city of Kyiv will be able to fully celebrate the day. Meanwhile, Ukrainians thanked the Air Defense Forces for waking up in the morning after enemy attacks.

Anna Salivanchuk / Photo:

“Kiev Day. The alarm lasted five hours. Everyone was in the shelter, did not sleep, Kiev Day, Kievans, let’s wait. These dogs will pay for everything soon. I believe that the terrible horror of war will come very soon. In the end, we will all be with concerts and performances next year. Kyiv Day can be celebrated, because it is my favorite city, I adore it, I love my Kyiv, I want it to be green, blooming, comfortable, clean and loving. To the heart and people of Kyiv forever, I am proud, I am Ukrainian, my children Ukrainians, I will certainly raise them to be real Cossacks!” – said the actress.

Natalka Denisenko

The actress hopes that soon the war will end and Kiev will be the same as before – without worries and under a peaceful sky.

Natalka Denisenko / Photo:

“Native Kiev, happy birthday! I love you so much! Since childhood, I dreamed of living in this city. Very soon you will be under a calm sky without worries, like our whole country,” said the celebrity.

Masha Efroshinina

The host congratulated the people of Kyiv on City Day. The celebrity also noted that Kyiv was invincible, even though the capital of Ukraine was constantly attacked by invaders at night.

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“My friend described modern Kiev very aptly the other day: “My beloved city is like a nightmare every night … In the morning it wakes up, takes a shower, washes off all the bad things, drinks coffee and runs to work. “Happy birthday, my Kiev”, said Masha.

Masha Efrosinina / Photo:

Lesya Nikityuk

The host was not verbal in his greeting. Lesya posted several photos taken in the capital of Ukraine and congratulated her on the holiday.

“My beloved capital! Happy holidays, Kiev,” Lesya wrote.

Lesya Nikituk / Photo:

Kateryna Osadcha

The anchor said he hoped the war would end soon. Kyiv will again be free of airstrikes and continuous shelling.

“If you ask me about Ukraine, of course, my story always starts from my own city, where I am proud of everything! It pains me unbearably when monuments are destroyed, when old buildings are carelessly treated and deliberately demolished. , I hate those involved. Good anyway. “I romantically hope to win, and Kiev will be the way I remember it in my childhood,” noted the host.

Kateryna Osadcha / Photo:

Pavlo Zhibrov

In his congratulatory message, the People’s Artist left the lyrics of the song “Khreshchatyk” and wished Ukraine a quick victory in the war with Russia.

Chestnut, chestnut, chestnut
Sophia and Lavra cross
Kaiwans, Kaiwans, Kiawans
You are my sisters and brothers
I’m with you in rain and snow
Standing in line for happiness
I scold the authorities in Kiev
And I drink Kiev-style vodka

Pavlo Zibrov / Photo:

“Happy birthday, my beloved city! Invincible, strong, beautiful, progressive! Peaceful skies and victory! I hug you, Keevans!” – said the artist.

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