Zaluzhnyi congratulated the New Year holiday and “lighted up” the much-awaited air defense system

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzny, congratulated all those who stand against world evil with Happy New Year and Christmas.

The greeting was decorated by the press service with combatants of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, and it begins with the face of the clock, which becomes the screen of the radar of the Soviet anti-aircraft missile complex.

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The video ends with another radar screen. In it, one of the most awaited models of air defense systems is completely guessed, this Ukraine should receive – the patriot. At the same time, only official training should take several months, and combat readiness can take six months.

This is what the screen of this anti-aircraft missile system looks like, with the radar detection field marked on it. Buttons with English inscriptions are also clearly visible. And the “insulating tape” placed on the screen covers official information.

Of course, it is very imprudent to make any assumptions based on a few frames, which may not be the result of a “project”, but the result of editing the relevant video sequence. But it is also possible to simply hope for pleasant surprises during the New Year holidays.

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