The plane made an emergency landing in Prague. A baby boy was born on the boat

This was reported by Michal Procházka and Petra Homolova from the Rescue Service of the Samaritan Society of the Czech Republic, which provides permanent medical care at Ruzyne Airport.

“A flight to Bucharest, on which the delivery took place, landed safely here. I am happy that mother and child are fine and I wish them good health,” Prague Airport head Jiri Bos said on Twitter.

At 01:14 Prague Airport received information that a flight from the UK to Romania had been diverted due to a delivery. About 12 minutes later, word came that both mother and newborn boy were fine, Prozaska said. Shortly after 2:30 a.m., the plane landed in Prague and the woman and her newborn baby were taken to a motel. “At 02:17 the flight continued to Bucharest,” Proszaska said.

According to Homolova, the boy, who was born during the night on the flight, weighed 2.75 kilograms. The mother is Romanian and both were fine after landing and were being cared for by paramedics at Mottola.

The parents did not go to the hospital and the father gave birth to the girl in a parking lot in Kurimi.


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