Will Ukrainians be employed in the Czech Republic? A military analyst sees a bigger problem

04/03/2023 22:40 | from networks

“The Ukrainian side is already losing its breath, there is a big personnel problem,” military analyst, former director of the National Armaments Office, Jaroslav Stefek, describes the real situation in Ukraine and Russia’s ambitions in the program What They Are Silent.

Will Ukrainians be employed in the Czech Republic?  A military analyst sees a bigger problem

Hans Stumpera

Description: Jaroslav Stefek

Štefec begins by describing that Ukraine faces major manpower problems and is looking for combat-ready men. “Waiting and wearing out on the battlefield. There is a fundamental and bigger problem on the Ukrainian side, as it is clearly losing its breath. The situation is indeed so desperate that there is even talk of conscripting Ukrainians who went abroad before the war or this conflict and conscripting them into the Ukrainian army. “It’s a big personnel problem on the Ukrainian side,” a military analyst explains of the escalation of the conflict.

“It has probably already started working. Ukraine offered to come to us for help with documents for Ukrainian refugees, the documents they gave them here in the mobile workplaces, what kind of documents they will be, I can well imagine in this context. According to Štefec, this information has already surfaced through a few media outlets.


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According to Štefek, the current situation on the battlefield does not allow any major attack on the Russian or Ukrainian side, as we often hear from the media. “Today the Russians are gradually advancing in terms of attacks from both sides, and are gradually dismantling the individual fortified centers that the Ukrainian army has built over the last eight to nine years, and Ukraine is trying to protect them,” Štefec continues. “The biggest problem with any attack of this kind is the incredible concentration of mines on the battlefield. So today it’s really about relatively small penetration of small units and gradually dismantling the enemy’s potential ability to counter it,” he adds.

He later recounted what a bloody battle it was for Bachmut. “This is truly one of the few strategic places where the connection is – from the point of view of communication and security. For Ukraine, for President Zelensky personally, this – in my opinion – became a symbol of his struggle to express Ukraine’s opposition to Western allies, that is, to the United States and Europe. Ukrainians are opposed to Pakmut. “is used by American politicians when they argue to their constituents about the incredible billions of dollars they’re spending, and by people in the European Union who say the same thing,” says Steffek.

“It was clear to Zelensky that the moment Bachmut fell, his fate would literally hang in the balance,” Steffek says.

What does he think Russia’s ambitions are now? “Personally, I believe the Chinese perfectly demonstrated that ambition with their peace plan. I think the main content of the recent three-day talks between the Chinese and Russian presidents in Moscow was about this plan and its implementation,” concludes military analyst Jaroslav Stefek.

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