Ukraine will not become a member of NATO without winning the war – Stoltenberg

He noted that NATO’s position on Ukraine’s application “remains unchanged” and that “it will become a member of the alliance.”

At the same time, Stoltenberg insisted that without Ukraine’s victory in the war, it would be meaningless. That’s why NATO focused on protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“Therefore, the first and most urgent step of Kyiv’s allies is to support and further strengthen military, lethal, non-lethal and economic support for Ukraine,” the Secretary-General said.

According to him, NATO is also considering how to develop political relations with Ukraine in order to expand long-term reforms. Stoltenberg stressed that it was important for the alliance to demonstrate that “the door remains open”.

We will remind you that Jens Stoltenberg announced that Finland will become a full member of NATO tomorrow.

He also said that during tomorrow’s meeting of NATO ministers, they could approve the start of the development of a multi-year program for Ukraine.

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