Cyber ​​crooks strike again. They pay high taxes and collect bills

“Since Tuesday, people have been receiving calls from various numbers, where voice machines tell people that they have overpaid taxes by thirty thousand kroner. If you want to know more, you have to react by pressing a number on the keyboard,” Thomas Weiss, spokesman for the Directorate of Public Finance, told Novincom.

The person receives an SMS with a link like “After pressing the keyboard, you will receive an SMS message with a link to the fraudulent website of the MY Taxes portal, where after logging into the fake portal, they try to lure you with important personal information or access data to your bank,” explained Weiss.

“Fraudsters are misusing the logo of the Fiscal Administration of the Czech Republic and the MY Taxes portal,” he added.

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For example, you can log in with a bank ID or data box, while the login data for the bank ID is the same as the login data for electronic banking.

“Finance management never calls via voicemail, and we never send any active website links via SMS. We never ask for sensitive personal information or access to your bank account. Additionally, no more tax payments will be made after April 2, 2024,” Weiss added. .

According to him, people should be cautious, hang up automated phones from “financial management” and not click on any links.

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Finance Administration of the Czech Republic never use voicemail for phone calls and do not send attachments in SMS messages. Don't answer text messages and phone calls. Stop the calls and alert your neighbors if necessary,” the police said.

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