In Ostrava, try to take the heat out of the pile, put them inside and put them at 800 degrees

In relation to recent events in the world and also in an effort to ensure energy security, everyone agreed to the plan to use heat from waste debris to heat buildings, explained Veolia spokesperson Jana Dronsk.

At a height of 14 meters deep well, the explorers will reach the city, where the heat is high. A coaxial heat input was launched in it yesterday, which will challenge the surrounding buildings in the future. Similar to the thermal wells in Iceland.

Here we have installed probes at the inlet and outlet of the well, sensors that measure water flow and its temperature. We will evaluate this later and thus find the power that the well can deliver, explained Bohumrěch from the Department of Energy at VB-TU Ostrava.

Heap heat takes me ages

In fact, in two and a half months they could go to the piles at Hemanis. Bohumr ech said in a practical experiment that if the temperature in the well is high enough for a long time, you can call it to heat nearby buildings.

The practical use of the well, according to estimates, can provide about 20 kW of power, and the wells can be more extensive, which is the responsibility of the employees of the company Veolia Energie.

The pile is interesting to us, the heat has been released here for many years and will continue to be released for many years. “We now mainly want to find out if this is economically viable,” said Tom Crowe, Veolia Energie’s director of ecological change. But I don’t want to speculate, now we want to get baseline data so that we can call the next one, he added, adding that the test well could have the capacity to be used to heat approximately two family homes.

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Access to land and piles is provided by the government agency Diamo. He takes care of the great hemanic piles for a long time and is responsible for its restoration. And it should not change the heat output.

Fixing the pile, including the future of its age, is in full swing. Vclav Dorazil, co-editor of Oder Shop, explained that its energetic use of heat does not affect the direct solution, which is not affected.

Although piles are not an exception in Ostrava, Hemanis is particularly suitable for thermal use. In Ostrava, we have three piles, which are very suitable for similar use, and we have not investigated the thermal conditions in the other piles in such detail, Nměstek added.

Until the heat is removed from the pile, it takes months and years, and so far attempts to economically use the Hemonic pile have not been successful. For example, the homogenization line to the right of the aggregate is not working now and the owner is trying to sell it.

The owner’s needs in economic and financial terms are huge, but he is not here to buy the tax, added Vclav Dorazil.

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