Vidlák: Poles, Germans and Ukraine all have advantages. Not checked. The government didn’t care

A talk on the present and future of agriculture in Moravia together with the constitutional lawyer Zdeněk Koudelka, informed about the creation of the “Moravian Rod” of the Association of Swatopluk. He gradually introduced the three guests and first gave the floor to the former president of the Agricultural Society.

Today Václav Hlaváček, head of the Regional Agricultural Council of the South Moravian Region and a farmer, answered the question about the changing of the guards in the position of Minister of Agriculture and in the Agricultural Council. “I have to look at things from the point of view of the republic, not my company. For a former minister, I think he is a very decent person. It’s a shame for me. The first minister who somewhat naively went into a fight against multinational chains with bare hands. No one likes him. Environment Ministry by Petr Hladík As managed, neither his own party nor Deputy Prime Minister Marian Jurečka managed the department through Zdenek Nekula. That is the reality. Neither Peter Fiala nor we stopped him,” he shot in his own line from the start.

Prosecutor Zdeněk Koudelka attended the debate in the Ombudsman’s Chamber. Photo: Daniela Serna

At the microphone is Václav Hlaváček, former president of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Photo: Daniela Serna

He made it clear who won the dispute between the farmers. “The representative of the business chains, Thomas Brusa, and the multinational business chain won 5:0. The question is what the new minister will do if he continues the fight or excludes the multinational chains. This will determine what Czech agriculture will look like. The domestic market is losing. No Czech products are coming here,” He described that. “See how many chains are being built compared to the European Union and the rest of the world? “We have the largest sales area of ​​the multinational chains for individuals and the second largest area with savings capacity per citizen,” he pointed out. According to him, the answers to climate change: concrete and asphalt.

A new minister? It will steer agriculture in a certain direction

Daniel Sterczyk, a blogger known as Vidlák, director of a Czech rural company and a small farmer, said that big chains are winning everywhere. No wonder Necula lost the battle. He couldn’t cover his back because he didn’t know how or who he was. He reminded us that our agriculture has less subsidies than the Germans, who have to pay more VAT than the Poles, and that Ukraine is capable of producing much cheaper goods. “How can the agriculture minister do anything about this cocktail? There was never any desire in the government to level the playing field, and if the Czech peasant won, it was in spite of the conditions. “I think Mr. Excellent will not be different. It will lead agriculture in the only possible direction indicated. The chains are strengthening their position. I do not believe that any change is possible behind the current direction laid by the government,” he added.

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Daniel Sterczyk is a blogger known as Whitlock in Brno. Photo: Daniela Serna

Marek Výborný is a theologian and Koudelka reminded that only a miracle can really save our agriculture. South Moravia is an important region, especially in wine production. Another of the guests, Docent Milos Michlovski, a prominent Moravian winemaker, received the word. “I quit the Wine Producers Association. Professionals, as they run businesses, are often hampered by the fact that they can only register themselves and see everything from the chair of their own company. This is the time when more marketing professionals are involved in management. There are many people in management who are not familiar with winemaking. “Perhaps consciousness is lost,” Miklowski pointed out.

Even the wine scene is highly fragmented. Three organizations are leading the negotiations on the consumption tax. Not in an entirely happy way. “The gift has passed,” he said. He also included a story from his life when people scolded him for not paying taxes. “People stood up against the winemakers, you could see it. They were coming in less and spending less,” he pointed out. Those who do not deliberately build vineyards with high yields per hectare will have very difficult situations. “Perhaps we can plant new varieties based on fertility, quality and sugar content,” he thought. But who will do that?

Winemaker Miloš Michlovský and blogger Daniel Sterzik. Photo: Daniela Serna

“The winery doesn’t make sense to them. I can’t see any light in the tunnel. I’ve already left one big chain recently and now I’m leaving another one because of the prices. He’s a stickler and nobody’s going to solve this with a finger,” he said.

Blogger Whitlock’s mother-in-law said how many jars are cans

Gaudelka then asked the small farmers. Earlier, fields were cleared and now a new trend is starting where people want to grow things again even on small plots. “Agriculture is coming back. People are starting to feel that they are losing something that belongs to the countryside. In many cases this is a broken tradition, although they have started appreciating it around the villages. They want grass fields to stop growing grass and be converted to cultivated land. I think we should start small again and save Czech agriculture. It’s all about high returns and big businesses, but where have we come from? In my opinion, a small cellar and a small vineyard belong to Moravia,” explained Sterczyk. “Either Czech agriculture becomes an enterprise, or people work for nothing,” he added.

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Everyone who tried to act in some environment did. “The mother-in-law cans several thousand jars, which she sells to her family and close friends, but basically she doesn’t have to go to work anymore, she earns money for her health and well-being. Problems. And then there’s another option. People like Agrofert and their army of accountants and lawyers to make money even in globalized situations. “It ends. Those who are left in between are impoverished and disintegrated. If we fail to establish a trend, if this reverses, then really only the small and the big will be left,” he explained.

Hlaváček already believes that companies like Agrofert will end because land is being bought. “People are burning the land that their grandparents worked hard for. To amuse themselves, they shoot her and it’s a mess for them. Most owners don’t even know where their land is. I live in a village where there are no pig farmers. Three hundred pigs were slaughtered there every year, today there are zero. God forbids anyone who wants to feed a pig because it stinks. There are still some old rabbit breeders, and you can count the chickens on the fingers of one hand. When I drive the tractor, I disturb all my fellow citizens because I make noise. The next generation has become lazy,” said the former head of the Czech Republic’s Agricultural Association.

Food from a 3D printer. “Bobby’s a fool”

He sees a problem in people’s thinking under the monopoly of technology and social networks. “Let’s perish on social media! They will eliminate us, they will run over us like a steamroller,” he said, showing the people in the hall a paper with food drawn on it. “I brought you 3D printed food. You will choose. There is no need for a cow because it digests and produces methane. Today, children know that milk comes from Coffland. The trend is different and the capital is decisive. Because the government doesn’t deal with what it should be doing, a few individuals who make us all rich are fine with it. They will do whatever they want. Their buyers go around with boxes of cash and buy land. Compared to them, Babis is a fool. We are dealing with Babiš, not the availability of Czech food,” he began. “Orchards are noisily disbanded, almost nothing is planted. Who cares in this country? nobody is here! Are we talking about global change and adaptation? No one notices. Cofland plants a thousand trees, and its manager documents everything beautifully. That is the reality,” he added in a loud voice.

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He also admitted that finding a tractor driver today is a dehumanizing task. “This is not pessimism. To hear that there will be a beautiful tomorrow? But where is the beautiful tomorrow?” The government talks about taxes but not the billions leaving the republic? “No one here will find the courage to moderate the chains,” fears Hlavsek. “If they passed a law for us, why not pass a law for multinational business chains? I have no problem with that,” he opined, pointing precisely at the prime minister’s advisor and people’s liquidator. “Government’s display is blatantly disgusting!” said.

Blogger Vidlák pointed out that Babiš wanted to buy one of the chains and abandoned the idea after three days. “Who would be willing to cut it politically and survive politically?” He said. He described that people usually go to work and cultivate small plots of land to supplement their food in the evenings. Of course, this production won’t be supported by the state, and this may be the “last tailor” we eventually find.

Cap photo of Vidlák: Daniela Černá

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