Massive drone attack on Kharkiv: The effects of the flights and what people are saying

Residents of Kharkiv told about the attack of “Shogates”.

Russian terrorist army launched a massive attack on Kharkiv using drones. At least ten Shaheds were shot by Russia on civilian infrastructure: some of them were shot dead, but there were also hits.

This is told in a story by TSN reporter Victoria Streltsova.

Effects of strikes on Kharkiv

On the night of November 3rd, the Russian occupiers launched a massive drone attack on Kharkiv. Immediately after the explosions, the city was engulfed in flames. There were at least four hits. Houses, administrative buildings and a car service station were gutted.

Throughout the night, rescuers tried to control the fire at the service station. But it was only in the afternoon that the fire was fully extinguished. Oleksandr Starchenko is the owner of the service station He says he lost his business because of the Russian attack and spent all night calling owners of burned cars at his station.

The occupying army also attacked the building Railway College. On the second floor, the walls completely collapsed and rescuers had to remove them.

“This is an educational institution. Here No one and no one. So, you know, it’s strange to say that the Russians are attacking some military facility. A lot of roofs have been damaged, we will work,” said Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekov.

What Kharkiv residents say

Residents of Kharkiv who live nearby told of the hellish night. Olena Bobro says the roof and windows of her home were broken. Now the girl cleans up after the blows of the Russians.

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“I was in a daze. I sat on the bed, in my own house, I didn’t understand where to go to go out. I felt very bad,” says Olena Bobro, a resident of Kharkiv.

Another drone Mr. Destroyed Alexander’s house. The drone got caught in electrical wires and exploded in the husband’s backyard.

“Do I have “benders” somewhere here? APC, damn it? Why did you do that? The fence was good, it’s gone now – it’s vaporized,” said Oleksandr Pashchenko, a resident of Kharkiv.

Due to the attacks, eight residents of Kharkiv, two of them children, returned to the doctor. All doctors diagnosed severe reaction to stress.

We will remind you that on the night of November 3, the invaders launched a massive attack on Kharkiv and its suburbs with 10 kamikaze drones. Enemies attacked civilian infrastructure. As a result of the attack, garages, cars, a damaged educational institution, a residential building, a service station and an administrative building were set on fire.

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