Russians shelled 26 times on border of Sumy region: non-residential building damaged – News in UNN


KYIV. September 14. UNN During Thursday, the Russians launched 26 shelling attacks on the border areas of the Sumy region. 151 outbreaks were reported. This is written by Sumi OVA UNN.


The communities of Velikopysarivsk, Khotynsk, Bilopolsk, Seredino-Budsk, Krasnopilsk, Novoslobidsk, Myropilsk, Esmansk were set on fire.

  • Velikopsarov Community: Enemy fired artillery (5 explosions).
  • Community of Kot: Mortar shelling (6 explosions)
  • Bilopol Community: The Russians dropped 6 mines on the community’s territory. Shelling from AGS (9 bursts) and artillery (15 bursts) was also recorded.
  • Ceredino-Butsk community: There were artillery (5 explosions) and mortar (3 explosions) attacks.
  • Krasnopil community: mortar shelling (48 explosions), FPV type drone attacks (4 explosions), rocket launchers (12 explosions) and artillery (3 explosions). Additionally, a VOG was dropped from an unmanned aerial vehicle, resulting in damage to a non-residential building.
  • Novoslobodska hromada: Shelled by anti-aircraft missiles (11 explosions).
  • Myropil community: VOG dropped from BpLA – 1 pc.
  • Esman Community: Enemy opened fire (15 explosions).

Let’s remind

A drone was destroyed during a night-time enemy UAV strike over Ukraine in the Sumy region.

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

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