Train drivers in Germany have announced a strike, which could also disrupt links with the Czech Republic.

The railway has not yet released an overview of the canceled trains, but similar strikes have disrupted the Czech Republic’s long-distance and regional cross-border connections in the past.

“GDL has called for a strike on November 15, 2023 from 10:00 PM to 6:00 PM on November 16, 2023 to train drivers, train conductors, workshop workers and dispatchers and dispatchers and other industrial groups in all trades on DB Nets. 2023” Union said on your website. “The workers’ dissatisfaction is huge and their demands are justified,” GDL boss Klaus Weselski said of the strike.

“This is inconsiderate of passengers. This strike is completely unnecessary. We have meetings scheduled for Thursday and Friday and we agreed together. The train drivers’ union is ignoring the contract and acting irresponsibly,” said DB’s head of personnel, Martin Seiler.

“No one travels, it’s almost scary.” Germany was crippled by the strike

Railways have advised not to travel

The railways did not announce an overview of the canceled connections, but said the strike would significantly affect the operation of long-distance and regional trains, as well as the S-Bahn city railway system. “The strike timetable will ensure only the lowest basic concession of long-distance, regional and city trains.” He said runways With a recommendation not to travel during the strike.

Passengers holding tickets on the strike date can use connections on subsequent days and the same option applies to international tickets issued by DB. People can also cancel seat reservations with full refund guarantee.

The railways said the union’s demands would increase labor costs by 50 percent. As a counteroffer, DB proposed an eleven percent wage increase and a one-time anti-inflation bonus of 2,850 euros (CZK 69,700). The bonus will be tax-free thanks to the government’s compensation package.

The protests had an impact on cross-border connectivity

In the summer, after months of negotiations, the railway concluded an agreement with the railway and transport unions EVG. Thanks to the agreement, the employees of the EVG association achieved a gradual salary increase of 410 euros (10,000 CZK) a month and a one-time anti-inflationary bonus of 2,850 euros.

The deal was preceded by two strikes that blocked rail traffic in Germany. The protests also affected cross-border links. In the case of the Czech Republic, long-distance connections to Germany terminated at the last station in the Czech territory, and cross-border regional connections operated only within the Czech territory.

The Austrian strike has paralyzed rail traffic and is also affecting communications with the Czech Republic.

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