Did Grandma insult you? Spinner fired: What about the arrogant Pekarova?! Her words, let’s move our feet…

The government is facing pressure due to the economic situation and inflexibility, six out of ten companies see the future of the Czech Republic as dark, if the government does not start investing, in their opinion, we will become an open space museum and collapse will come. These employers’ concerns were revealed by a survey of trade associations.

According to Minister Kupka, we can literally become an open-air museum. “If we don’t change our current practice, we can become an open-air museum. I’m happy for entrepreneurs to talk, we’re dealing with it, we’re solving it, otherwise the integration package will not be on the table, a clear attempt to ensure a fair budget for next year will not be on the table. Instead of looking at the future of the Czech Republic to fight with populist defined opposition parties. Can not.

And what is important is that we have already come up with a vision of what might happen, for example in transport infrastructure, which is a ten-year plan. Completing the basic highway network and building high-speed lines are the only necessary conditions in transportation. It also includes energy, we managed to cut off Russian gas and we are putting together plans to ensure the maximum energy security of the Czech Republic,” the Minister of Transport listed in response to currently weighing on entrepreneurs.

And according to MP Kolovratnik, we are headed for a collapse. “We are in danger. In my opinion, the entrepreneur’s plea is primarily a yellow card for the current government. This must not happen, something must be done. During the previous election period we initiated those measures, in particular, we launched a linear legislation,” said the shadow transport minister, referring to legislation to speed up transport, water and energy infrastructure and electronic communications infrastructure. “At that time, there was broad agreement between the coalition and the opposition, and we agreed then. ,” he pointed out.

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“However, I am now strongly criticizing the government for speaking well and organizing conferences like the Prime Minister recently. But it seems to me that the gentlemen have forgotten that they are not in the opposition, it’s not just marketing,” noted opposition MP Kolovratnik.

“In this difficult situation, the Czech Republic not only invests more money, but prepares more energetically what should happen in the Czech Republic. He says not only to his government, but also to the next government, how the Czech Republic can finance those constructions – I will use the national budget, the modernization fund and another fund. I will mention as evidence, as well as EIP loans, PPP projects, commercial financing models, pension funds and we are talking with other important institutions, how to do it better,” Transport Minister Kupka explained in detail.

According to him, massive investments in transport infrastructure are necessary and take into account the fact that we will be in debt. “We must move forward to pay off the historic debt of no highway. “If we fail to complete the basic structure, other states like Poland will run away from us,” Kupka said. He noted the success of Poland, which was able to invest European funds.

Kolovratník offered him a different solution: “If you collect existing taxes better, for example VAT, you get more resources for transport,” he advised Kubek.


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The next topic is the events in the House of Representatives this week. Members of Parliament debated the so-called integration package in the second reading. There were several hours of speeches and strong emotions at the meeting, with Andrej Babiš, the leader of the ANO movement in the center, speaking several times about the “new totality” and, among others, inviting the Minister of European Affairs. STAN movement, Martin Dvořák, a “useless minister, null and parasitic”.

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Opposition MP Kolovratník said the ANO movement received many positive reactions to Babiš’s parliamentary appearance from its voters and supporters. “Andrej Babis said from the top of his lungs what they feel, what people see, the attacks and often the arrogance of the ruling coalition. The definition of new totality, we are silent in the House of Representatives, we cannot speak…” said Kolovratnik, supporting the words of his party boss.

Instead, he criticized Jan Bartosek (KDU-ČSL), deputy speaker of the lower parliamentary chamber, who called Babiš a “security risk” in a ČT24 interview. “Words like security risk? Mr. If Bartosek, as one of the highest constitutional authorities, slandered Andrzej the Pope in this way, it is absolutely out of the question for me. I apologize for these words. Calling Bartošek, how can the Deputy Speaker of the House, who is supposed to be a moderator, say such a thing,” insisted Kolovratnik. According to him, Andrej Babiš should not apologize for words like “parasite”. “On the contrary, men like Dvořák and Bartošek should apologize,” he insisted.

According to Minister Kupka, the head of ANO Babiš reduces the level of Czech political and parliamentary debate: “And to the level of a pub of the fourth price group, but it is worse than debates in pubs, because it is a bad, unnecessary. I swear, it was a mixture of words, in a six-hour speech. He often lost head and heels, and his rewrites are fun for readers and your voters, because it doesn’t really make any sense,” he attacked Kolovratnik.

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“Andrej Babiš is undoubtedly a danger not only to the quality of the debate we have as politicians, but also to the way the Czech Republic continues to move forward,” Minister Martin Kupka said.

“Andrej Babish’s speech clearly came from his heart, I liked it, it belonged to him. After all, no one can criticize it. Let’s remember the performances of Mr. Rath, Barupek and Kalousk in the Chamber of Deputies, it was a bit monotonous. ‘New Absolute.’ What Andrej Babiš wanted to show with the words about – let’s look at the dosimeter cases, the drug case of the mayor of Brno from ODS, we want to point out that and the opposition. The government has one hundred and eight, and the opposition does not need anything. In her opening speech after being elected, Markéta Pekarová Adamová said that she will represent all the representatives, But let’s look at his arrogant statement that we must move our feet, he is slowly declaring war on Viktor Orbán,” Kolovratník marvels. Speaker of the House Bekarova Adamoa (TOP 09) .


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