The investigation begins with the victims being stripped, boiled, and dismembered around the area.

In mid-February last year, police became aware that something sinister was going on at the house in Pohotli na Swidauska.

According to the information received, the defendants are to abduct the victim from Břeclavsk in July 2022. They forced the man into a car, in which they drove him to an acquaintance's house, where they beat and tortured the victim in the basement.

For example, through the use of various tools, particularly a switched-on electric string saw, the victim suffered injuries to his back, buttocks and legs.

A young man was beaten to death at his home in Svitavska. Police proposed to charge the couple with murder


After a few hours of suffering, they tied him to a goat and carried his already lifeless body on a sheet in a car, they took him to the permanent residence of one of the defendants in the village of Bohotli, Svitava region. .

The abductee was chained naked in the cold basement of the house and the brutal torture continued. After three to five days, the abductee fainted and died. However, when detectives started investigating the case, his body was not found.

They destroyed all evidence

“Both men tried to dispose of the body in such a way that it could not be found, and in the event that it was found, they made it as difficult as possible to identify the victim's body,” explained Schiemek, head of the public crime unit of the Milan Burdubice police at the time.

“After that, they took the victim's body to the yard of the house, where they put it in a metal barrel, filled it with water and boiled the victim's body in this barrel.

The brutally tortured young man was boiling in a barrel. A murder in a house of horrors in Svitawska goes to court


Then, they separated the tissue from the bones and gradually removed the body parts treated in this way, first burning the hard parts of the body, bones and skull, clothes and other items from the victim's property. The body of the deceased was taken to various places in the area.

Then, they cleaned all the rooms of the affected house, especially the basement of the house, they whitewashed, sprayed the entire house with Chao brand disinfectant, and they disposed of everything. Tools used.

Thieves and thugs

The younger of the pair, from Brno, who has already been convicted seven times for property and drug offences, pleaded guilty. Elder, who already has ten convictions for violent and property crimes, refused to testify a year ago.

“The old accused had to catch and attack others in the aforementioned house in Bohotli na Swidauska,” criminalist Simek pointed out at the beginning of the trial.

The man was fond of martial arts and physically fit. He created a fear around him. There were strict rules at home.

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