The invaders are trying to land infantry in the direction of Tawria

In the last 24 hours, the enemy conducted 38 combat engagements in the Davria operational zone.

Aggressors in the Tarian direction increased the use of heavy equipment to support and disembark infantry.

about this reported Commander of the operational-strategic group of troops “Davria” Oleksandr Tarnovsky.

“The enemy again began to use armored vehicles to support and disembark the infantry. In three days, the enemy lost 41 armored vehicles, including 17 tanks. He did not stop air strikes. For almost a week, their daily number did not drop below 20. And yesterday, 41 cases were registered,” – He noted.

According to him, the enemy spent the past day 38 combat engagements and 924 artillery strikes were conducted.

Tarnovsky said that the total losses of the Russian invaders were 385 people and 57 units of military equipment. In particular, 4 tanks, 12 BPM, 6 artillery systems, 14 unmanned aerial vehicles, 13 cars, 8 units of special equipment. Defense forces of Ukraine destroyed 3 ammunition depots and 2 key enemy facilities.

Let us remind you that we published a video of how the Avtivsk Industrial Zone looks like now.

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