The group does not act and does not approve anything. “When gays get married, children are safer,” Pirate said

01.11.2023 21:55 | monitoring

Marriage for All was debated in the House of Representatives in the Constitution and Laws Committee today. But to no avail. The next meeting of the committee is due in four weeks. Deputy Speaker Olga Richterova (Pirates) came to express her support for the group. According to Pirate MP Klara Gokmanova, the law should fix the legal protection of children and define the obligations of parents so that children are better protected.

The group does not act and does not approve anything.

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Description: Proceedings of the Constitutional and Legal Committee on Marriage for All

The Constitutional-Legal Committee today discussed equal marriage for all. No result. The next one will be held in a month. “Unfortunately, the discussion on equal marriage in the constitutional-legal committee today was not fruitful. The meeting was adjourned and the committee will resume at the next meeting. In 4 weeks,” reported the Jsme fér initiative, which strives for equal rights for LGBT people, couples and families with children in the Czech Republic.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Olga Richterova (Pirates) shared a photo of the meeting at X. “Photo of the family group, Klara Gokmanova and I were there to express support for the civil law amendment – marriage for everyone,” Richterova wrote on the social network. In his opinion, marriage can be supported, for example, by supporting couples therapy. “Marriage will not be supported by changing the constitution, but by supporting couples therapy. Thank you to others who came to see the public meeting,” the Vice-Chancellor thanked.

MP Klara Gokmanova (Pirates) also reported on the meeting at X. He called for legal guarantees for children and definition of parental duties in the bill. “Thanks to the Bill of Rights, children will be better protected and their childhoods will be more stable. The easiest way to do this is to recognize marriage for everyone. Unfortunately, things are never that simple in the House of Representatives,” Gokmanova said.

According to the MP of TOP 09 Matěj Ondřej Havel, the main point of contention is semantics, as the Czech Republic would not have a problem labeling the union of two people of the same sex as marriage. “Even though I’m Czech, I have no problem labeling marriage as a same-sex relationship. But I take this compromise as temporary. We hope that in the next period, this part will also be changed,” wrote Matěj Ondřej Havel, editor on the X social network for TOP 09 and a member of the Czech Chamber of Deputies. .

According to him, the House could find a majority for a proposal that would include equal rights regarding adoption, but would not be called marriage. “It’s strange, but the main issue with same-sex marriage is semantics. The current House seems to be able to find a majority for a proposal with equal rights, including adoption. Unfortunately, not as a marriage, but as a partnership,” he said.


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