The Korean name and surname didn’t help. Seoul Echo issued Stanho for fraud

Even a Korean name and religion did not help to hide the suspect of widespread fraud from justice. This is the first time Korea has extradited a Korean citizen to the Czech Republic.

For years, Stan avoided criminal charges because of fictitious business dealings with receivables. The group extorted 10 million crowns from several victims, promising to reassess it. Instead he used the money for his own needs and avoided criminal punishment by going abroad.

In early 2022, a judge issued a European and international arrest warrant for him, and that led police to Korea, where he traveled to Korea, bought her two Korean religions and began using a Korean name. A police officer from the Editorial Board for International Police Cooperation also joined the investigation, and the arrest was made possible by the active intervention of colleagues from Interpol Seoul, said David Schn, a spokesman for the Police Bureau.

Ppad dokon karlovart guilty

He was arrested earlier this year. After all the first steps of cooperation with the police, Czech diplomacy and the Ministry of Justice, he has now been extradited to the Czech Republic.

This is the first case where a refugee from this Asian country, and with Korean citizenship, has been handed over to us. “It’s very unusual to extradite your country for a criminal woman, and it’s one of those minor cases,” he said.

On Tuesday evening in Seoul, South Korea, he was arrested by foreign police, who flew him to the airport. On Wicklav Havel’s birthday in Prague, a policeman from Karlovy Vary arrested him.

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