Ukrainian prisoners at the front – an armed forces officer points out important nuances – Ukraine –

Housing ex-prisoners in special military units may not be appropriate.

The opportunity to move forward under the agreement should be given primarily to those who have committed minor or incidental offenses. At the same time, ex-prisoners should not be isolated in special units.

This opinion was expressed by Myroslav Gai, an officer of the armed forces and a volunteer, on the broadcast of the “Kyiv 24” TV channel.

He noted that since Ukraine’s mobilization resources are much smaller than those of the Russian Federation, and the Russian military implements an amnesty for criminals if it signs an agreement, it is reasonable to use such an approach for Ukrainian prisoners.

“If a person commits a road accident or intentionally harms someone, but because of an accident, such a person, if he has the will and his health allows, should be given the opportunity to move forward”, – believes. Miroslav Guy.

But at the same time, he noted that it would not be appropriate for ex-prisoners to stay in special military units.

“People who have been in prison for a long time have developed some social behavior. If they are mixed in ordinary units with groups of ordinary fighters, I believe that it will be much easier for them to work in the armed forces of Ukraine. Because of the rules of social behavior, they will control both their socialization and their education, and the traditions and behavior of the groups they come to. They will accept the rules, and not create some new organized groups especially from their own inmates, a style of behavior, some own codes, some own rules of life,” Guy asserted.

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We would like to remind you that on May 8, the Verkhovna Rada generally adopted the Draft Law No. 11079-1 on the mobilization of convicted persons. This type of mobilized will serve in specialized units.

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