The Elbe stagnates in the Steck region, salaries are threatened, and the Ohe gradually declines

Above the Elbe on Wednesday, the level of the Elbe rose to 647 centimeters at 07:00, rose to 652 centimeters the next day, and by 19:00 it had not exceeded that centimeter. The town was taken care of for the day, except for the present obstruction to the passage of the river after the main drag of the day. The material for the construction of the counter-flows of the wall on the left is prepared and cannot be made. The water resources department has predicted that the flow of water in the river may decrease gradually.

The day was saved by an emergency train of the Czech Railways to Dolno Lebu. It is intended only for emergency events and transport of components of the integrated security system. After the water recedes, the flooded roads will be cleared. The tunnel on Krokov Street near Lipverta is re-passable. Tax. 204 was rerouted to the original route, serving Garnet and Colony stops.

From Roudnice nad Labem to the German border, the cycle path is flooded in several places. Although the cuts are marked with lines, people go to see water and water, which is dangerous because the slopes vary. Those ideas in St. Nat Labem did not respect the entrance damage, which ended in water on the flooded road under Bene Bridge, which had to be evacuated by firefighters.

Litomice, in addition to the state of the Elbe, follows the position of Ohe in the Luni. The city, in cooperation with the city police, always informs the residents of the most threatened areas about the current and future situation. Several families from Boban Street applied for the bags they were given.

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According to the current forecast of the peak of the Elbe, there should be no spillage on Stelec and Bsen Ostrov. But it is on the brink, said Miroslav Letafka, an official at the Crisis Women's Council.

At Looney, the OHE is at 438 cm, which is below the threshold for the type of hydrostatic activity. Regulate the level of water management in Necranis. The fire under Nechranice will be maintained around the current flow, so prepare for the possible flooding of water on the ground. The first step is in Ohi in Somudowska and Prosani in Litomic.

The first phase of flood action applies to the Flajska stream in the Zeitn Esk in the Krunj Mountains.

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