Terrorists from “Crocus City Hall” brought to court in Moscow after torture: how they look (photo)

All the accused were remanded till May 22.

On the evening of March 24, the Basmanny Court of Moscow City chose a preventive measure for four people accused of the terrorist attack on the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall near Moscow. According to the latest data, 137 people died and 182 were injured in the firing and fire.

As reported by the SOTA Telegram channel, all those charged with terrorism were brought to the courtroom and had clear signs of being beaten and mutilated.

As campaigner Margarita Simonyan previously called the leader of the gang, Dalerjon Mirzoyev, judging by his appearance, suffered severe torture after his arrest. Around his neck were pieces of a plastic bag, which had been used to cover his face.

In Russia, Mirzov was registered in Novosibirsk, but the temporary registration expired. He is 32. He is married and has four children, including one-and-a-half-year-old twins.

Rasapalisoda Saitakrami Murothali's ear was cut off during custody. Court photographs do not show this side of the head.

He was born in 1994, married, father of one child, without job and secondary education, can't remember his registered address.

Since neither of the defendants spoke Russian, interpreters were provided. They are citizens of Tajikistan like other prisoners.

The third defendant, Shamsidin Faridoni, who is 25 years old, married, registered in Krasnohorsk near Moscow, where the “Crocus City Hall” is located. He worked at a parquet factory in Podolsk near Moscow. Has an eight month old baby. He answered most of the questions without the help of an interpreter.

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Fariduni was subjected to electric torture as evidenced by photographs circulated on Telegram channels.

The fourth accused, 19-year-old Muhammadusobir Faizov, was brought to the assembly hall in a wheelchair. She wears a medical gown over her naked body, and a urinal can be seen underneath. The day before yesterday, he was in the intensive care unit and conducted an investigation there. During the arrest, his eye was knocked out of its socket. He is said to have offered armed resistance.

Faysov worked in a barber shop in Ivanovo and was a popular hairdresser, but quit due to low pay. No wife, no children. During the trial, the judge even kicked out the doctors accompanying him from the courtroom.

All the accused were remanded till May 22. Under Russian law, they face life imprisonment. The court session was held in closed session.

It is worth recalling that on Saturday, March 23, the jihadist group “Islamic State” (IS) issued a statement detailing the attack on the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow. The terrorist attack is explained by the war between “Islamic State” and “countries fighting against Islam”. Subsequently, a photograph of four men with their faces hidden behind masks was released by the Islamic State-affiliated Amaq.

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