Teacher pay at a glance: Who will improve, and what role principals play in pay

An amendment to the school laws, approved by senators after three hours of debate on Thursday, provides for raising teachers’ salaries to 130 percent of the average salary. Codes strengthen the powers of school principals or establish a position to introduce teachers to help young educators. The paper provides an overview of key changes aimed at President Peter Powell’s signature.

What message does the school reform bring? Read the article about the amount of salary, role of directors and help for elementary teachers.

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What is the salary of teachers?
From next year, the government will pay at least 130 per cent of the average gross nominal salary towards teachers’ salaries. But that doesn’t mean every teacher will see that amount in their salary. About distribution of amount Individual cantors School principals will decide.

STAN’s Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek also noted 130 percent of the average is something that can only be reliably calculated retrospectively, over a period of two years. Statistics Office has only reliable data with specific time intervals. “If we get a commitment from projections, we can always question them. Projections from the finance ministry or other government agencies and independent actors are on the table,” he explained in the Senate. Details will be discussed with representatives of school unions.

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Last year, according to the Ministry of Education, teachers, including managers, earned an average of 48,204 crowns per month, which was 113 percent of the average wage in the Czech Republic. University teachers are not included in the calculation. Even 130 per cent of the approved average wage is not guaranteed to them.

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What about other teachers?
Specific Percentage of average nominal wages They are also not guaranteed other teaching staff. It had already met with criticism from the opposition during the debate on the motion. “Teachers are not the only ones who work in education, although we greatly value their work,” said Alena Schillerová, president of the ANO Parliamentary Club.

However, there will be strengthening teaching positions that include special educators, school psychologists or teaching assistants. A new position of school speech therapists will be introduced. “These industries are meant to help students,” said Jiri Rishika (TOP 09), chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

What will be the status of school principals?
School principals used to have enhanced powers over teaching methods and forms, whereas today teachers can choose for themselves. The managerial role of principals is also strong when it comes to the introduction or entry of new people into the teaching profession. “We’re moving toward a position where we emphasize the director’s responsibility for the educational agenda,” Beck explained. According to him, there is a broad consensus that the principal is the best person to decide who the school needs.

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130 percent of the average salary? The delegates decided that only the teachers would get the guarantee

What is helpful for beginning teachers?
The post of assistant teacher will be introduced, who will help initiate singers for two years. During these two years, the new young colleague combines his theoretical knowledge with his own teaching practice, adapted to the conditions of practice in a given school.

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What is the status of teachers without teaching education?
University graduates (without a teaching degree) can teach specialized subjects based on their profession for three years in primary schools and secondary schools. At that time, they should supplement their teaching education.

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