The parents allowed their stepdaughter to live in a barn, and they got three and two years for the abuse

The couple did nothing wrong. According to them, this card is fabricated, untrue and baseless. The judge said, evdvce.

Experts evaluated his personality in detail. Their animals are absolutely perfect for court and are not questioned by them. Answer the assessment from the answer to the questions, said the judge.

He added that none of the executed women or the main woman showed mercy or any kind of response. That means the prison sentence wouldn't have been the other way around, and that's why we decided on non-conditional sentences, explained Judge John Gasal.

He pointed out that when the girl was caught in the bay wrap, she was undoubtedly disabled. Her mother's upbringing was not ideal. When she got married to her father, the upbringing didn't change, it just got worse. That was not breeding, but a thorn, thought the judge.

State representative Katharna Bekov said her stepfather had been imprisoned for years. Fifty-one-year-old Vladimir and three-year-old Jaroslav had a physical relationship from 2019 to June 2022, according to Alopkin.

She came wrapped in a blanket and moaned asking how you are doing in that shed. When they left, they locked the house and did not worry about what to eat or where to go to the toilet. The lawyer said the sentence should be unconditional so that the defendants realize how bad they have behaved.

After this devastating experience, he was deeply damaged in his personal development and did not grow, he added.

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We are old wheels, they are bent

Judged by animals, wrappers and experts were rejected. They say they are old wheels, and when they were brought up they used methods that were hard to see on a daily basis. But they deny that they will lose their wife or cause her any harm, their lawyer said.

His client took a wife from a mate at the age of four. According to him, she voluntarily entered the log cabin while he was cleaning rooms in the house. It is an emergency. She told the young sister that she wanted to stay in prison rather than go into the cell. She can drink at home anytime, we don't lock it down. She can take food whenever she wants… Accused denied.

He says that his wife does not allow him to do anything at home. In June 2022, the police started investigating the case when the woman asked neighbors for help. She said she was hungry and had an old coat on. Since then, it is a house in Dtsk.

According to the author, it took half a year before he started fulfilling his duties. Page with peers, has problems with good manners, doesn't consider others, tries to manipulate others, Judge John Gasal quotes from an old quality educator.

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