Scholz ahead of his US visit: Russia's victory in Ukraine will endanger us all

Ahead of the US visit, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal in which he warned against the Russian Federation's success in Ukraine and urged it to maintain support for Kiev.

This is reported by “European Truth”.

Scholes column came out Under the headline “Russia's victory in Ukraine will endanger us all.”

The president urged the West to continue supporting Kiev, maintain NATO's strength and reject Vladimir Putin's attempts to divide allies.

“Let there be no doubt: Russia's victory in Ukraine will not only be the end of Ukraine as a free, democratic and independent state, but will radically change the face of Europe,” Schaals said.

A possible Russian victory would “deal a serious blow to the liberal world order,” he said.

Scholz said, “The sooner Mr. Putin realizes that we have been in this for a long time, the sooner the war in Ukraine will end.”

“Our message is clear: we must do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning. If we don't do this, we will soon wake up in a world that is more unstable, threatening and unpredictable than during the Cold War,” the German chancellor asserted.

He warned that Ukraine could soon face severe arms and ammunition shortages, and that the long-term consequences and costs of Putin's failure to stop the aggression would overshadow any investment the West is making now.

“The only way we can contribute to lasting peace is to maintain our support, unity and determination,” Scholz stressed.

On Thursday, Scholes leaves for Washington, where Friday Will negotiate with Biden.

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Earlier, before Scholz's visit to Washington He expressed hopeThe US Congress could approve much-needed financial aid to Ukraine, and called on the West to keep up pressure on the Russian Federation.

Before this At the White House During the meeting, Biden and Scholz announced that they would “affirm their strong support for the defense of Ukraine's land and its people from Russia's war of aggression.”

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