Scholes was criticized for his statement that French and British troops were “aiming missiles” at Ukraine.

A statement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes that French and British representatives are said to be in Ukraine to help guide long-range missiles drew criticism from the British side.

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Earlier in the week, Scholz reiterated Taurus opposes delivery of long-range missiles to UkraineTheir target may indicate the presence of German troops on Ukrainian territory.

“It's a very long-range weapon. And Germany can't do what the British and French are doing in terms of target control and maintaining target control,” he added.

Finland urges Germany to “seriously consider” sending Taurus to Ukraine

The German chancellor's words, which some commentators say were an acknowledgment of the presence of British and French troops in Ukraine, Britain's Ministry of Defense has already denied it. They insisted that the use of long-range missiles was the responsibility of Ukraine's armed forces.

Alicia Kearns, chair of the foreign affairs committee of the British House of Commons, scathingly called Scholes' words “wrong, irresponsible and a slap in the face of allies”.

“We provided the storm shadow and we must all provide what we can. The shoals must hand over Taurus and stop holding back the defense of Europe,” he insisted.

Paris responded very calmly to the German chancellor's comments, but they also did not refrain from criticizing him. Benjamin Haddad, an MP for President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance Party, said Scholz's words had created a “diplomatic crisis” between Berlin and London.

Finnish security officials said Do not impose any restrictions For Finnish military assistance, and weapons received by Ukraine can also be used on Russian territory.

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