Russia’s Attack on Ukraine: Biden Was Told What the Dictator Was Thinking

The Kremlin was confident of its success in Ukraine before the invasion.

Russian dictator Before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began He was sure that the West could not stop him.

John Kirby, coordinator of the White House’s National Security Council, said.

“He bet on this development from the beginning of this war because he didn’t believe the West could maintain unity. He didn’t believe NATO could maintain unity. He didn’t believe America had enough power.” Kirby explained.

In this case, the representative of the White House said that Ukraine should help protect its independence and sovereignty.

Otherwise, Russia will be at NATO’s door, and then the cost of conflict with the Russian Federation will increase for the United States, Kirby said, because the United States must fulfill its obligations under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which requires the defense of each member state. of the alliance.

It may be recalled that British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said earlier that if the US Congress does not approve further aid to Ukraine, Russian President-dictator Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will decide. Be happy about it.

In addition, we previously reported that in 2024, Ukraine could launch a new counteroffensive with the support of the United States.

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