Reznikov tested the Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle “Bogan”.


13:44, 26.05.2023

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Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine conducted tests of “Bogan” all-terrain vehicle.

“Recently, I tested the Ukrainian Oplad tank, which we plan to order for our army. Today we are talking about the Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle “Bogan”. I am happy! (…)”, – Reznikov wrote Friday on Facebook.

The head of the Ministry of Defense said that two such all-terrain vehicles are already fighting in different divisions.

“For example, a cabriolet-type bogan was created specifically for paratroopers and attack aircraft, where the cabin was removed and instead, crew seats were installed, turning it into an amphibious vehicle,” noted Reznikov.

The minister said that currently other units are testing equipment and installing different types of weapons for use in military operations.

“There is even a version of the medical tow truck. What’s more, there are already applications from individual commanders,” Reznikov wrote.

He also emphasized that high-quality weapons and equipment are important to protect people’s lives and health.

“Our partners are helping us and will be with us until we succeed. But the development of the National Military Industrial Complex (MI) is one of our priority areas,” the minister said.

“It is not only today, we are fighting for freedom and our freedom, especially with such neighboring countries, which is impossible without a powerful defense capability. And the independence of the military industry is, in fact, one of the factors. The defense capability of the country, we will continue to work on this in the future,” Reznikov concluded.

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