There will be a row. Indeed. Daniel Landa releases a new album

Singer and composer Daniel Landa releases a new album, Minefield, which pays tribute to the heroes of our history, including, for example, a memorial to Anna Malinova, a friend of Josef Kobić, who was killed by the Nazis in Mauthausen for helping. Paratroopers. Criticisms have also been raised about the current situation. “You hear us, we’re not children, we’re losing ground. “Life is getting short,” was heard on the album in one of the previously presented protest songs, which criticizes the coronavirus restrictions imposed in the Czech Republic during the government of former prime minister Andrzej Babis (ANO).

There will be a row.  Indeed.  Daniel Landa releases a new album

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In his new album Minefield, Daniel Landa presents recently released compositions such as Anička Malinová, Blanický Manifesto, Ukolébavka and Hoří horizont in a comprehensive format, and the album has a strong spectrum of songs that remind or criticize our history. Conditions in recent years.

“True heroes rise from among the most ordinary people. For the majority of today’s desolate people, great heroic stories have become a familiar date, a familiar historical event. But behind every such event lie the deep stories of ordinary people like us and their longing, fear, sadness, love and pain. There are individual sentiments. However, the most famous names are only glacial references, which are higher than the vast number of others, more or less nameless, in history whose obscure, but no less heroic, great events would not have happened.” said Landa for In memory of a little-known heroine of our history, Anna Malinova – a friend of Joseph Kapik, who hid him from an attack on representative Reich defender Reinhard Heydrich, after which he was killed by the Nazis in the Mauthausen concentration camp.

The album also criticizes the recent draconian restrictions introduced by former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) cabinet in the Czech Republic. “Where will the proud citizen of a state now razed to the ground end? Liberty, murdered, perhaps I shall meet behind bars. You hear us, we are not children, we are already full of it!” The protest song “Blanky Manifesto”, released for the first time in early 2021, has singer Daniel Landa screaming along with the most prominent representatives. Czech music groups, singer Josef Wojtek from the band Kabat, founder of the group Devotional Phil Vasek Blaha, singer František Cerny from Sekomoru and others.

“I wonder how long my chain is. An explanation lurks within the fog. Wake up or kill your desires,” sang one song, for example, as masked children marched.

In addition to the two mentioned songs, Lando’s album also includes Dneska mám volno, Hlavolam, Posledni nula, Ukolébavka, Reality show, Hoří horizont ’93, Presumed savior and the composition Minový pole.

“Whoa whoa we’re at the elite show, sringa for the camera sir.” Like beggar-driven diamond actors, we never know what will happen. Oh oh oh we’re at the elite show Smile to the camera lady. After scaring you with the apocalypse, they’ll protect your sleep from your lines.” The reality show sings along to the lyrics of the song.

“After listening to Minovy ​​Bole in Dan’s home studio, I understood why it took eight long years since the previous album Zito and fourteen years since the last Landovian Nigredo. Minefield is not only music and lyrics. This is the status message. Trust his words: ‘He who does not give up / He drinks from the corn / He carves his name / On the crown of kings.’ He commented New album by Vladimir Kočandrle, director of the Warner Music Czech Republic publishing house for the server.

Landa added that he wanted people to hear Minefield in its entirety “from beginning to end.”

Landa keeps commenting on what’s going on here. In an interview with commentator Ondřej Tesárek almost two years ago, he pointed out that today everything feels like a return to the pre-national renaissance. “The Czech element is stunted, we have no history, we are really such idiots…they tried to say that we are really Germans…” he said.

According to the singer, it is important to speak, for example, about our country or to mention why, for example, we should stay with the koruna and not change it to the euro. Today, patriotism is said to be confused with “primatorialism”.

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