Petr Fiala’s last political act is best guesses. His world is falling apart and Martin Kuba is ready

Political scientists reflect a continued decline in the popularity of the government, and especially the strong coalition party ODS and its leader Petr Fiala. Several studies by various agencies in recent months show the trend. The latest from the STEM Institute must have hurt civil democrats the most. They finished third behind the consistently dominant ANO movement, followed by the SPD in second.


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The teachers’ strike and many other sectors have completely or symbolically interrupted their work to show their displeasure with the (in)action of Peter Fiala’s government cabinet, earning them criticism and misunderstanding from the Prime Minister.

On Monday, when Prague was filled with protesters from all over the country, the prime minister didn’t even stay in the capital, visiting a cowshed after a speech that railed against strikers, unions and protesters. At the same time, he owns a company owned by Marian Jureka, the brother of the Minister of Labor and the leader of the People’s Party.

Political analyst and commentator Eric Best says that if the attitude of the leader of the ODS and the Prime Minister does not change, it could have dangerous consequences for him, which Best described as “the last political act”. They say it is becoming more and more unbearable that the Prime Minister knows nothing about the real world.

“If we are talking about a long-term decline in trust in the government, we should focus primarily on ODS. There, the problem is long-term and relatively clear. Former ODS voters want to vote for this party, but cannot. In fact, they have no one to vote for. Most likely, they have long rejected him. Despite the rejection, they will eventually vote for Babis. These are mostly traders who have consistently voted for ODS for 20-25 years, but now they are rejecting it. If it was real ODS, it would easily have 20 or more percent, instead it now has 11.6, they tell themselves. . This is important. At that time the South Bohemian governor and ex-minister Martin Kuba is seen again, he stops being restrained in the matter of criticism. Pietr Fiala is elected, he has a mandate, but he says bluntly that he has to prove that he can handle it.

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It also presents another possible source of evidence that the ODS has become a different party, one that has ceased to fully appeal to many of its original voters. “If nothing happens to ODS, Kalousek has no place in the political spectrum. Instead we see him being declared a candidate for the European Parliament. Of course something will change, but we don’t know when. It will be in a month, two months, six months or after the European elections. The results of that last survey are important and the situation Shows are already important. After all, even SPD is great!” He points out.

According to Best, the question is whether the behavior of some coalition partners or its leader, Petr Fiala, is more damaging to ODS. “Let’s realize that the problem of getting ODS into high positions in the electives was before the creation of the Spolu coalition. After all, Fiala promoted inclusion a long time ago and there were doubts about how he wanted to stand on many European topics,” he says, blaming ODS’s defeat on other coalition parties. Can’t blame.

“The results of the Dutch elections will definitely talk about the situation in the European Union, because there is another important moment there. I noticed that we hear reports on some topics from unexpected sides, for example about migration. For example, Jakub Michálek from Pirátů speaks very carefully on the subject of migration. Maybe even the Austrian Be cautious. Fiala also has to decide what to do with Germany, which pressures the Czech Republic to give up its veto, and wants to push for EU enlargement linked to a change in decision-making. But giving up the veto would mean voluntarily giving up the power to say no to migration. Fiala would have a hard time. Veto “Respect wrote about the fact that he might even have been tasked with relinquishing ownership,” he sums up the events and the situation.

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There are growing voices among opposition politicians and some commentators that not only is the prime minister completely disconnected from the real world, but so are his advisers. Eric Best believes the head of government and his team are behaving as if the world is completely different.

“Fiala came to power at a time when the situation was completely different in the world, in the EU and in the Czech Republic. The advent of the war in Ukraine helped them a little, because it supported the trend that we all stick together in the EU, speak with one voice and work together. It worked until June this year. It did, but since then the trend has weakened and various problems appear, when many things do not work, there is a problem in Israel and the Czech Republic does not have its voice heard in Europe, at the same time. “It’s too much. Suddenly, Fiala’s world is collapsing and his coming into government doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know if he believes it all, but he still can’t adapt,” says Best.


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According to him, the world is being reshaped, the centers of power are changing, etc. “But Fiala is in that old world and his advisors may be even older. So far, they haven’t managed it, and the question is whether they can adapt to the changes. Meanwhile, Martin Kuba, who has always demonstrated how to recognize new developments and react accordingly, is waiting. What happens I was surprised that Alexander Vondra also understands this very well. In a recent interview, he said that if we seize Russian assets, we can sink smugglers’ ships. Of course, empty ships, without migrants, but to remove the smugglers and punish the non-profit companies that bring illegal immigrants to Europe. New This is proof that he understands the development of the situation. When Fiala repeatedly says: We will act. The world changes, Fiala never changes. This is a fundamental problem,” he analyzes for Parlamentní

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“If he doesn’t change his approach to solving the problems, he is playing his last political act, yes. The question is how long this will last. It could be the European elections, whether or not Kalošek will be a Spole candidate and that will cause a split within Spole. The growing discontent in the ODS Maybe because the last survey was disastrous for it. We have yet to see Fial’s reaction to this, so further surveys could turn out even worse for him. If it’s less than 10 percent, someone at ODS will already say it’s a critical situation. I can’t estimate the timing, but the situation. If Fiala doesn’t understand that something has changed radically, it will be harder and harder for him to defend his own position,” says Eric Best.


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