Pedophile projectionist stabs child with scissors, murder at Metro theater shocks public

Located near the corner of Splen, Na Pertn and Nrodn streets, Balk Metro has a lot of traffic every day. Currently, people go here to work in the office, but also to shop at the store, stop by one of the two theaters, attend an auction, work out at the fitness center, or enjoy a concert and disco at the Wagon Club.

Few people today know how tragic an event has been in this city for 58 years. Interviewees don't really have a dream. Sorry, I don't know. You may have to ask someone else, the lady who works in the buildings.

I don't know, he shrugged off the employees he interviewed. I am not from Prague.

“It's about a hundred years old,” said a little concrete worker in a shop. Well, well know your cinema was here, he added, pointing to the area where the cinema was. The shocking murder in 1966 didn't last long.

And the 42-year-old sex murderer Jaroslav Pape, who murdered young Josef Neumann on the stage of that cinema, caused a lot of emotion at the time and is one of the most famous cases in Czech criminology.

Latlem is a detective

The accident happened on Sunday, June 5, 1966, when a film about the Maigret Commission was being shown at the Metro Cinema. Promtha Poppe stopped at a cafeteria before work, where he drank a few beers, even though he was wearing an anti-alcohol mask. While drunk, he also committed his previous crime, when he touched or hurt the boys.

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In the middle of the afternoon, he sees an eleven-year-old boy moving around on his hip and calls him into the room, an otherwise childless detective story.

There, Poppe asked the boy to take off his clothes, pulled his hair down with his hands for a picture, and then began to touch him and satisfy himself. The boy started throwing tantrums, wanted to leave, and threatened to tell his mother. The young man wanted to stop him and started jabbing with his fingers.

He inflicted a total of 36 blows on him and strangled him with a rope. He then threw the body upstairs, where he covered it with various objects.

The boy's mother searched for her son, she even searched for him in the movie theater, but to no avail.

The murderer was sentenced to death

For several more days, the Pope still labored and thought. After that he announced to his colleagues from the cinema that he was going to jail. He didn't do that, instead he hid under a pile of boards in the attic of his mother's house.

His colleagues soon began to smell a strong odor in the rooms. In no time the body of the boy who had been following her for days appeared. Given the limited circle of people with access to the cabin, Pope is highly suspicious of others.

The accused caught him five days after the murder. Bob pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death at the same time, where he died in June 1967.

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The Falk Metro was built near the National Theater in 1870, when Nrodn erstv Street was called Ferdinandova Dta. It converted the original building into a commercial and residential building. During its existence, it went through several ownerships, and was reconstructed in the 20s of the last century, when architects completely demolished the building, demolishing the arch and connecting it to Na Pertn Street.

In 1919, the then owner, Manel Odili and Wicklau Kleinhampl, who bought the property, decided to build a store here. In it, they ran a wine bar, a cafe, a deli, a cinema and the famous automated metro. It was operational till 1989. The building was rented out to various commercial establishments.

During the 1940s and 1950s, the building fell into disrepair. In the 1960s, the real estate company began to manage Restaurace a Jdelny.

The building was restored to the family of the original owners in 1991. The building is now owned by descendants of the Kleinhamp family, who originally built the store.

The film industry has undergone many changes. After its destruction, for example, there was a rehearsal room or a warehouse, which later became a theater.

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