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“Wagnerivets”, he said, was wounded in the trenches by his comrades.

Oleksandr Chirsky, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Published Video of the trial of a captured “Wagnerian” in Bagmud.

39-year-old Denis Vadrushev from the Kandy-Mansiysk district was employed at the “Wagner” PVC in one of the Tyumen colonies, where he was serving a sentence for murder.

In the battle near Pakmut, the convict was seriously injured – a snare wound in the leg and thrown by his comrades. Vadrushev was wounded for 4 days until he was captured. The prisoner told how he was thrown, as well as how dead “Wagnerians” were thrown into a “meat grinder” without even their bodies being recovered.

“It’s a meat grinder. You can only go in one direction here. You have a 1 in a hundred chance of getting out alive. The Trench of Death – there’s a corpse on top of a corpse. Even corpses aren’t taken out. There’s no evacuation. I’ve been sitting wounded in the trench for four days. I’ve given up on their own. .That’s why I want to let them know that they are sheep and shepherds,” says recruit Zeke.

He also said that there was no food in PVK “Wagner”. The Chukpaikas do not reach the recruited convicts, so they search for food and water on their own.

In addition, he mentioned “Zero” – the name of the execution of “Wagnerians” who refused to comply with the orders of the Order.

Earlier it was reported that a Russian man had surrendered in a Ukrainian drone after his accomplices committed suicide near Pakmut.

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