Pavel signed up with Holk, who started a big show. Even Svěrák caught it

11.08.2023 9:05 | monitoring

When commentator Petr Holec saw what was going on around the case of the upcoming constitutional judge Robert Fremrin and what delaying tactics President Petr Pavel was using in this matter, he could not resist and covered up the whole thing. And he doesn’t pick up napkins. “Peter Pavel is a cattle,” he announced to the camera. He did not forget how the actor Zdeněk Svěrák elevated the president.

Pavel signed up with Holk, who started a big show.  Even Svěrák caught it

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Description: Peter Holec

Peter Holec shook his head in disbelief at what the president said in the case of Judge Robert Fremrin, who sentenced more than a hundred people for daring to leave pre-1989 socialist Czechoslovakia.

“At the time we speak, there is a body of law here, according to which it is a crime to leave the Republic, and it has been absolutely uniformly decided by all the judges who have tried the criminal law here. I think we have to look at it in that context. But I’m talking about individual cases. I don’t want to, because I don’t know their details,” said President Pavel, as quoted by CTK.

And Holec couldn’t stop.

“It’s about Robert Fremer,” who became a judge in the early 80s of the last century and now sits on the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, “suddenly it turned out that he had condemned about a hundred emigrants, that is, people who left the communist country. Don’t want to live here and as usual by the communist regime, condemn them, expropriate their property, and so on. It was a wonderful time. Relatives of the victims who stayed here met various officials who had persecuted them. Simply great. So this is Peter Paul’s candidate,” Holec began.

“For God’s sake, I know a commie will find a commie, an ex-intelligence officer and a rubber a judge, but come and see why Peter Powell can’t be serious today,” he continued, turning. Powell said about the communist legal system. “Peter Pavel is a cattle. I’ll say it directly here, because I know such a case from my personal life. A guy I played with. That’s what attacked them. They took their property and so on. I know what kind of pig it is. I’m not surprised about him. He’s rubber, he’s a former commie, and he’s an intelligence officer and an agent of Pavek. It seems normal to him. So let’s say the commies sent Milada Horakova to the gallows under the laws of the time. Not just her. For God’s sake, say it’s 2023, over three million. “This is what our new president will say, the voters are interested in,” Holec fumed.

In this context, he recalls the words of Zdenek Svěrak, who excused Pavlov’s work in the Socialist Army and the Communist Party as youthful exuberance.

“The entire National Good Front supported him, and now we’re reaping this. That guy can’t be serious,” Holek said, giving the president one verbal blow after another.

“It was taken in Pavlo, it was his past. He learned this in his youth, none of us can escape from our past. So our new president is salting us with such cadres in the Constitutional Court,” said Holec, who described Pavel as a “dictatorship rubber”.

However, after 1989, Fremr gained respect in the judiciary of a democratic state. Served as a judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Between 2018 and 2021, he was the 1st Vice-President of the International Criminal Court. He worked in the ranks of this company from 2012 to 2021.

According to Holk, this does not change the fact that thirty years after the Velvet Revolution, judges can be found without a communist past.

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