Esco Eck gives the kid a night with the peach trees, threatening to raise Eck’s level at the entrance

Until that day, more rivers await at the entrance to the Republic, where river levels fluctuate and rise again in response to flooding, particularly in rivers affected by river activity, HM said.

The warning against children applies to the regions of Olomouc, Zlnsk and Moravskoslezsk, Krlicko in Central Moravia and Partubis region. It is closed from Tuesday 13:00 to Wednesday 08:00.

Thunderstorms will be stronger Tuesday afternoon and evening, with occasional heavy rain and light hail. Later in the evening and night, clouds will dominate in the form of persistent clouds and scattered clouds, according to meteorologists.

At Esk, it runs from the weekend because they are saturated, and their levels may rise in the case of other children. In the current alert, this applies to streams draining the Krlick Snnk, Jesenky, Beskydy and Bl Karpaty.

Meteorologists added that after localized rains in previous days, in areas where the soil is highly saturated, water may run off the surface quickly, even with less rainfall, and flooding in some cities is possible, meteorologists added.

According to the forecast, it should be clarified from the company so he warms up. The weekend should be solidly sunny with highs even above 20 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, the water level rose in southern districts

The situation at night was more dramatic than forecast by the meteorologists. I was lucky, not what the models predicted. Recipients of Umawa rose to the first level of flood action, HM’s meteorologists briefed, and 3.5 millimeters of rain fell in Umawa on Monday night.

In the south, Blanice, Zlat potok and Bezdrevsk potok climb to the first step. In the end, the story was too much. The first stage of river basin activity can be detected somewhere, but it will be affected by how the rushing water gradually flows through the river basins, said hydrometeorological state hydrometeorologist Tom Vlask of Eskobudjovice.

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In the first stage of the flood action, the Bystika rose above the river of the same name in Vsetnska.

The fire brigade was used to heat the cellars and fires

Be safe At night they went out for two dozen bats because of the children’s time. Nejastji removed fallen trees or pumped water from basements and drains. In one incident, a tree fell on a family home, and no one was injured, said Veronika Vorkow Mokow of the regional fire department.

Between 8:00 p.m. Monday and 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, firefighters recorded 28 incidents in the region, 19 of which required technical assistance. Firefighters removed fallen trees in 13 places, including a family home in Ejetik in Mladoboleslavsk. There were no injuries and the tree was removed using old equipment and chainsaws, the spokesman said.

In one case, firefighters went to fetch water from the basement, and in the other two from a clogged drain. They helped fix the tarpaulin in dm and its residents fixed the roof.

A family in the area was left without electricity. At 6:00 a.m., EZ Distribution had 12,000 outages without power in City R, and after 10:00 a.m. there were 1,730 of them. In the middle, outages appeared in the Praha-Vchod district in Mladoboleslavsk. And in Pbram, said EZ Soa Holingerov.

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Laughter In the Olomouc region At night, because of the pose, they went out for ten events. They removed fallen trees, pumped water out of a flooded basement, repaired roof damage and pulled out an extension from a flooded underpass in Brodek u Perov, said firefighter Lucie Balov. Firefighters had multiple entrances in the area as the fire broke out over the weekend.

We intervened in 33 events in the region after Nonch bouch. In 12 cases, we pumped water from cellars and garages, mainly in the municipalities of Velk Tnec and Blkovice-Laany, where water poured from fields during the storm. In those cases, we temporarily protected damaged roofs, said Balov.

A lorry got stuck in a flooded culvert at Brotek near Perov last night. With the cooperation of the local unit, we got it out with a winch and then the driveway was torn up. In ten cases, we removed trees that fell on the roads, said Balov.

Chiln vtr In the Krlovhradecky region He was cutting trees. From Monday 19:00 to Tuesday 07:00 the fire department had about 50 entrances. The most affected area was Trutnovsko, the Fire Department reported on social media X.

As of 09:00, energy workers recorded eight high voltage line failures in the region. The most affected areas include Trutnovsko, Nchodsko and Rychnovsko. We are actively working on resolving the bug. We will try to restore energy supply in the morning and during the day, said Lapkov Bernkov, regional spokesman of the EZ rka group.

In Skuhrov nad Blou, a village in the Rychnovsk region, firefighters had to use primitive equipment to remove a tree leaning above the road because the tree was powered by electric wires. Firefighters removed trees from the roads, for example, in Pilnkov, Virchlap and Bindlerov mln in Trutnovsk, Beks in Zinska, Olenis in Orliky Harch, Nzod.

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It rained overnight in the Krkono Mountains and Orlické Mountains. 31 liters of water per square meter fell on Labsk boud, and about 25 liters on Sedloov in Orlické Horch. At those levels for Trudnovsky, the odds against Krkono were roughly half. According to data from the Elbe River, the level of mountain rivers rose slightly, but did not reach flood levels.

In the area of ​​Zln Firefighters came out after hearing a commotion on 14th Street. They destroyed the floor of the family house in Valask Bystic, Vsetnska, which was struck by lightning. Pavel eznek said no one was injured.

After the lightning strike, only the roof of the house collapsed, which is still not visible. In other cases, firefighters cleared mud from roads or cut down trees. Until midnight, those events were held, and ten more after midnight. About the cities in all the districts of the region, the speaker said.

First, i.e. second-level flood action, started to apply at night, when there was only 30 centimeters of water in the stream, in the river Bystika above the river of the same name in Vsetnska. This happened before 04:00, the level then reached 38 cm and by 05:00 it started to decrease gradually and in the morning it was around 30 cm.

On Tuesday, the meteorologist expects the sky to remain cloudy with some rain or light rain in the city in the evening and clouds at the entrance of the city. The maximum temperature should be between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius, Moravia and Silesia and 22 degrees Celsius. A similar time should be in between. It will clear and on Thursday, temperatures will rise above 20 degrees in the second half of the week.

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