He set fire to the apartment where the children were sleeping. He is a madman, a neighbor of Hretak

There has been a problem here for a long time. He was a little crazy and he was constantly going to break things in the basement. He even broke the cork of his wife, who was visiting with a small child. They often quarreled, and the neighbor from the first floor of the house on Klumberov Street shook his head in Hradec Krlov.

A social weakness opens the door to the house where the tragedy took place. It is not a ghetto or isolated place, the street in the city center is full of renovated houses.

He lived with his family in a rented flat on the ground floor. They moved here two years ago and they didn’t even bother to introduce themselves or greet us. There were some problems with them, the door of the neighbor who lived opposite the apartment was broken.

Gray on the stairs

First I had a problem with them when they wouldn’t leave the garbage bags that were thrown on the sidewalk here, then with a sigh I knocked on the door and it was still smoking days after the incident. Ash is also on the stairs.

No one entered the house by sight alone. War awakened one of the children, who then awakened the adults. They extinguished the fire, said Iva Kormoov of the Hradec police. They are not currently residents of the residence. Either the owner threw them out, or they went somewhere to see their family, the problem neighbor Germans thought.

A memorable fire in a panel house in Bohumn from August 2020, in which eleven people fell from windows and were burned or killed in the apartment. Even in this case, a 20-year-old arrested by the police after a crime, with a 2.6 per million intoxication rate, would be tried for attempted murder and public endangerment.

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There are about ten people in the house. It is directly connected to the gas supply and it is distributed to individual floors. If there had been a fire, there would have been an explosion.

Slamming the front door, he fled to another apartment building five hundred meters away from where he was. When the policeman saw him, he started threatening suicide. So, the police called the investigation unit. The convict faces between 15 and 20 years in prison, with the sentence suspended.

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