Missile attacks on Kharkiv: Zelensky announces Russia's decision to retaliate

Zelensky discussed Russian terrorism in eastern Ukraine with the heads of Ukraine's Defense Service, State Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ukraine is preparing a “very specific and reasonable response” to Russia's missile attacks on Kharkiv and other cities in the east.

about this said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“A separate conversation with SPU Malyuk, GUR Budanov, Minister of Internal Affairs Klimenko regarding the enemy's attacks on Kharkiv and the eastern parts of Ukraine. Russia has not stopped its terrorism for a moment. We are working to provide reliable security to our people. We are preparing a response to the enemy – very specific and Fair,” he wrote without elaborating.

In addition, the President of Ukraine had a conversation with the Chief of the Armed Forces Oleksandr Chirsky and the Minister of Defense. Let's die with Rustem.

“We discussed in detail the situation at the front, the planning of our next operations. Defense Minister Umirov reported on the situation with ammunition. We are doing our best to ensure that each combat brigade has everything necessary for the defense of the state.” He insisted.

Let us remind you that on April 7, Russia attacked Kharki again. Explosions were heard in the city, local officials confirmed.

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