Kharkiv is attacked by S-300s, Shaheds fly over Ukraine – Air defenses operate in Kyiv and west – Ukrainian News, Politics

On the night of May 25, Russia launched kamikaze drones against Ukraine, air defenses were operating in the Kyiv region, after which the alarm shifted to the west of Ukraine. In the middle of the night, the invaders hit Kharkiv or its suburbs with rockets.

On the evening of May 24, the alarm was first sounded in Chernihiv province. AT 23:41 she Got it Kiev region, then Kirovohrad region and Zhytomyr region. AT 00:14 Mykolayivska “turned red”.

00:21. Kyiv Regional Military Administration: “Danger of using enemy UAVs. Air defense forces are already operating.”

00:23. Local newspapers in the Chernihiv region consistently write about scenes and explosions followed by the characteristic sound of “mopeds”. Information should be verified.

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00:44. The alarm spread to the west – in the Khmelnitsky and Rivne regions, 00:52 – Odessa. More Western after the first night.

02:00. An explosion was heard near Kiev.

02:17. The situation is as follows:

02:37. Local pubs in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne and Khmelnytskyi regions release audio clips with the sounds of the “Shahedu” flight. There is currently no official confirmation of air defense operations in these regions. The alarm map has not changed.

02:43. Odessa and region – a resurgence, From 03:00 – In Kiev, in the north and in the center. The concern is only in the western part.

03:05. Explosions in Kharkiv. Local Govt wrote About strikes in the city and/or region. Examined by Russian civilians in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, these are again missiles from the S-300 air defense system.

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News has not been updated since 03:40. All information will be in the morning news.

Certificate. “Shahad” (Shahad-136, “Geranium-2”) is a “tailless” barrage munition in the form of a triangular wing, also known as a kamikaze drone of Iranian production. Length ~3 m, span ~2.2 m, weight ~200 kg, including warhead mass ~40 kg. The flight range is unknown, but it is sufficient for speeds of ~170 km/h at altitudes of hundreds of kilometers to tens of meters and above. Equipped with 50 HP two-stroke engine “Moped” sound It’s hard to mess with anything else. Shahed-131 (“Geranium-1”) is small, weighing up to 15 kg. Iran, an ally of Russian terrorists, is handing over hundreds of “martyrs” to the Russian Federation for its genocidal war against Ukraine. First recorded in September 2022 on the front near Kubyansk.

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