A man who strangled his wife and killed two dogs over a breakup has been jailed for 11 years.

Based on a defense request, Judge Lucas DeLong banned the media from filming and photographing the defendant due to his mental incapacity. A forty-nine-year-old man threatened to have a nervous breakdown in the meeting room.

According to the file, last year he was mentally unable to cope with his separation from his wife of thirty-six years and tried to convince her to return. When he failed, he decided to kill her and himself. Last year, on Sunday, May 22, he wrote his will at their family home in Reichwald and waited for the woman to bring their two dogs, said to be Yorkshire terriers.

When she arrived after 4pm, he tried to convince her one last time by telling her back. When she refused and walked away, according to the prosecutor, he took a manufactured hammer and hit her in the head at least twice from behind on the sidewalk in front of the front door.

He did not succeed in committing suicide

He inflicted serious injuries on the woman, including a fractured skull and brain damage, but the injured woman still lived. Defendant then tightened a rope made of four zip ties around her neck and strangled her for several minutes until she showed no signs of life. But that was not enough, the man strangled both the dogs.

Then he decided to end his life. “He took an undisclosed amount of drugs, slashed his wrists, stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest, gassed the house and tightened a tourniquet around his neck. However, his death did not occur due to his timely discovery and the professional medical assistance provided,” said State Attorney Whit Legerski.

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When the girl did not return, her current boyfriend became worried about her as he knew whom she had gone to see. After knowing the address from the relatives, he quickly went home. Inside he saw a horrible scene, only the murderer was spared.

A representative of the survivors did not object

Stuchlik refused to testify in court, saying only that he was sorry for what happened. “I apologize to the survivors for causing them suffering,” the defendant said.

The hitherto innocent Stuchlik was sentenced to twelve to twenty years in prison. But he repented and admitted that he had already paid the non-monetary damages claim by transferring part of his house to the murdered parents, and he promised to pay non-monetary damages to the deceased’s brother. 756 thousand crowns. The man’s car was also confiscated – an old Tatra truck.

Even the survivors’ representatives did not object to the proposed deal, and the court agreed to sentence him to 11 years in a maximum security prison.

“The court finds this sentence lenient, but not disproportionately lenient,” the judge said. The public prosecutor and the accused have waived the opportunity to appeal, and the sentence is final.

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