It's psycho, it's… The German left the room. Others voted yes

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Members of the Senate's Constitutional Law Committee gave a Green Petition to 15,000 farmers. According to the petitioners the subsidy distribution approach introduced by the discriminatory violet government should be scrapped. The resolution was supported by all senators on the committee with one exception. Miroslava Němcová shook her head in disapproval the entire time, calling the delegates' performance “psycho” and walking out before the vote.

It's psycho, it's... The German left the room.  Others voted yes

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Description: Senator Miroslava Němcová is an election worker

Farmers won the Senate. Jaroslav Lád, head of the Ostaš agricultural cooperative from Královéhradecka, has achieved another partial victory with a petition he started last year. Lot was able to rally thousands of Czech peasants who were frustrated with the progress of Petr Fiala's government.


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Shortly after coming to power, the cabinet changed the rules for subsidies and subsidies to companies or private individuals cultivating 150 hectares of land. They will get more money as subsidy from the government. Others are much less.

According to the authors of the petition, it is primarily discrimination against farmers who, thanks to the change, do not have a level playing field. At the same time, there is no question of “agrobarons” or giant agricultural giants. This change has had the greatest impact on small and medium-sized agricultural cooperatives, which are managed by landowners in the Czech countryside.

“Our goal is nothing more than the settlement of rights and obligations. We are productive farmers, and in the countryside where we live, our purpose is to raise children and improve it. Above all, the purpose of agriculture is to produce food for the Czech nation,” explained the author of the petition, Jaroslav Lad, and the government's decision to fund Czech farmers. He provided senators with specific statistics on how harm is being done.

ODS Senator Miroslava Němcová did not like the fact that the authors of the petition did not properly criticize the Fiel government. The author of the petition, Jaroslav Lad, jumped into her speech without a word from her, the moment she acknowledged the peasants' last option, the constitutional right of disobedience. “This is not a psycho, strike emergency,” she said.

However, she was not the only one who understood the peasants. Other members of the Senate Constitutional Law Committee agreed that the sentiment on the farmers' side was not surprising. “I fully understand the sentiments. If your business goes bankrupt, you will react the same way. If farmers go bankrupt, they risk selling their land to international funds and going out of business. We want our farmers to sustain themselves and continue to produce food for us,” ODS and TOP 09 Clubs said. Joined Senator Zhitka Salankova said.

Independent senator Zdeněk Hraba from the same club identified with such an understanding. He also declared his support for the committee's proposal that the farmers' plea be justified. “I agree that all farmers should have equal rights,” he said after a brief history tour.

Senator Hana Marvanova saw it the same way, with her colleagues agreeing that farmers could not be blamed for succumbing to emotions in difficult circumstances. His Senate colleague Daniela Kovarova made a brief remark, during which Jaroslav Lad and Manu's other representatives nodded in understanding.

Govarova stressed that the government's subsidy money to farmers is primarily to offset various limitations and restrictions through these subsidies. “These are compensations for restrictions on farmers' activities by various European regulations,” the senator said, adding that the government cannot choose who to pay more and who less in such a situation.

According to the decision of the meeting, the general agreement of the members of the Constitutional Law Committee present and the approved resolution, Lott's petition was justified. Further, the resolution also recommends debating the petition in the full session of the Senate recommending the government to revoke the discriminatory conditions. If the government does not listen to this potential appeal, the farmers are negotiating the support of legislators to file a constitutional complaint. Senator Němcová did not participate in the final vote, she left the meeting and returned only after voting.


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