In Rivne Oblast, a regional soldier beat a soldier with a bat, the head of the regional TCC filmed on his phone (video) — Varda 1

DBR staff completed a pre-trial investigation of officials from the Rivne regional and district regional recruitment and social support centers who beat and abused a subordinate. A chargesheet has been sent to the court against the two officers, reported In DBR

In the summer of 2023, officials learned that they planned to report their violations during the driving service of the rifle company of one of the military units of the Rivne District TCC and SP. They decided to stop this and beat the man.

the head The head of the Rivne regional DCC beat a servant, while the district DCC head recorded all this on his phone. The bat was used during “educational activities”. Officers forced the victim to kneel and apologize.

Mobile phones were found and seized, one of which belonged to the victim. A bat was found in the house of the head of the Rivne regional TCC, which was used to beat a person.

8 bags of amphetamine, drug paraphernalia weighing a total of 11 grams were seized from Rivne District DCC and Head of SP. Law enforcement officials also discovered that the drugs had been supplied to him by a subordinate for “official favors.” Now he has fully confessed his crime.

During the course of investigation, facts about illegal enrichment of an officer of regional DCC and JV also emerged. We are talking about an amount of almost UAH 52 million. The officer's undeclared assets include 2 trucks, large plots of land and an unfinished hotel at a ski resort in the Carpathians. In December 2023, all the above assets were transferred to Asset Management and Tracing Agency (ARMA).

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Therefore, the head of Rivne regional TCC and SP was accused of using violence against a deputy, robbery and acquisition by a person authorized to perform functions of the state, property, the value of which exceeds its legal income (part 2, 3 article 27, part 2 of article 28, article Part 5 of 426-1, Part 4 of Article 186, Article 368-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

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The head of the Rivne District TCC and SP was charged with aiding and abetting the use of violence against a subordinate, illegal acquisition and possession of psychotropic substances in large quantities and inciting the use of psychotropic substances (Article 27, Part 5 of Part 2) Article 28, Part of Article 426- 1 5, Part 2, Part 1 of Article 307 and Part 2 of Article 315 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Now those officials have been dismissed. Also, from the beginning of the trial, both of them were remanded in custody without bail.

The sanction of the article provides punishment in the form of imprisonment up to 12 years.

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