The government has decided that the government agency will prepare suitable places for investment

“If we don't have enough in the Czech Republic now, we can't supply it for almost a day, which puts us at a disadvantage against the surrounding countries,” Skela said.

For example, like the state-owned company DIAMO, state-owned land subject to the recovery and restoration of historical sites will be evaluated, said Skelah in a press release from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

As a result of coal mining, namely in the Steg, Moravian-Silesian and Karlovy Vary regions, Klemm will prepare an area for a larger project in each region.

Ministers debated again in the House of Representatives due to an extraordinary meeting in which the coalition is vying with the opposition for a letter election that will reverberate abroad.

The draft law proposal for provision of hydrological services is valid

Ministers have sent a proposal to the House of Representatives, according to which the Czech hydrometeorological status (HM) could be changed by law.

HM currently enjoys the status of a co-operative body under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, but the Ministry feels that it is necessary to establish a clear legislative framework for government operations.

The new regulation defines the hydrological service, its elements and functions. According to the reasons of the State Security Council, the need to first fix the safety of hydrometeorological services and services in the air quality flow.

Vlda is preparing the following draft after establishing the lobbyist register

The new rules for lobbying are yet to be approved by the government. A draft law submitted by Justice Minister Pavel Blaek from the ODS, establishing a lobbyist register, will be discussed again in two weeks. Both the lobbyist and the lobbyee must be registered in the register. Thus lobbyists are obliged to report their activities to the Ministry of Justice.

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The draft law defines lobbying, lobbyists and lobbyists to include a wide circle of people who can influence not only the preparation, discussion and approval of the first regulations, but also those responsible at the central level. For proper orders.

Lobbyists must be listed as a lobbyist in the register and they must always submit a lobbying declaration to it after half a year. These will be publicly accessible, which, according to the Ministry of Justice, should allow for easy public inspection.

The introduction of rules on lobbying has been discussed for a long time, a proposal was made during the last election and it was tabled in the House of Representatives, but the representatives did not have time to approve it. Adoption of the lobbying terms by mid-2025 is a condition for pension payments from the National Recovery Fund.

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