I will also invite Ukrainians to discussions without censorship, declared the “team player” Austrian

Ukrainians, Ukrainians, Ukrainians. Darkness Vech discussions without censorship. Alas for us. Raghuan wrote last week that I don't want only biased views and misinformation to resonate Social Status X. He decided to hold the event before the Russia-Ukraine crossing on Friday, November 23.

“I don't know if it will be full, but I am sure people will come,” he told CNN Prima News. In the debate, he wants to talk to Ukrainians about what's wrong with life.

In previous debates, people also spoke negatively about Ukrainian refugees. According to Raghuan, it is necessary to talk to people and explain that Ukrainian refugees can be a burden for the Czech Republic.

On television, he responded to a question about criticism of the advertising alliance, which was asked when he announced that he would start the debate without censorship. “I will play dark and defend the government in the debate,” he said. I want to show people that the government has done a lot of good.

And why did he decide to discuss it? I heard it needs a new movement, Raghuan said. We have selected cities with worst results. And that's where I want to discuss it.

According to Raguan, thanks to the STAN movement, the debate on drinking euros was opened. He pointed to the situation when Martin Divock, the minister for European affairs, appointed his absolute authority for the euro, which caused a huge reaction. Ultimately, Petr Zahradnk was not a nominal representative, he was Dvok's adviser. Raghuan said that the darkness was accelerating. The public debate here in the past, if it was held at all, was conducted on the wave of mm no mm or no mm rd euro.

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