Farmers protest: Zelenskyi gives Polish authorities a meeting at the border

On February 21, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy appealed to Poland and the European Commission regarding the blocking of checkpoints along the common border by Polish farmers.

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On appeal, Published On Ukrainian and Polish social networks, the head of state announced the decree of the government “to be on the border” between Ukraine and Poland by February 24. Zelensky clarified that the entire structure of the Ukrainian government will be there, including the prime minister and the defense minister.

“Also, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, I request you to come to the border. Andrzej, Mr. President, I request you to support this dialogue. This is national security. We must not delay. The coming days give us an opportunity to do that,” – he added.

European Commission: Polish authorities to ensure law and order during border protests

Zelensky said he was ready to attend a meeting with the Ukrainian government in person.

“I now want to appeal to the European Commission: Unity in Europe must be preserved. This is the fundamental interest of the European Union. Therefore, Ukraine appeals to the European Commission that a representative of the European Commission should participate in this meeting,” the President said.

In the end, Zelenskyi said in Polish: “Enough of Moscow on our lands. Enough of misunderstandings. You can't insult each other, insult Ukrainian or Polish peasants. We need unity. We need a solution – between us, Ukraine and Poland and all of Europe.”

Zelensky announced rapid measures in the context of blocking the border with Poland

We will remind you that Polish farmers started on February 20 A great struggle across Poland, especially on the border with Ukraine. During this, many incidents also took place Ukrainian grain dumping and blocking passenger traffic at the border.

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Polish President Andrzej Duda commented on Polish farmers blocking the border with Ukraine, Polish officials said. Their right cannot be limited On legal objection.

At the same time in the meeting Coordination platform for Ukrainian exports At the EU on Tuesday, Ukraine raised the issue of a new incident with spilled grain and received assurances that it was being investigated.

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