House removes KPL from Media Council Opposition parties objected to this

Kppl is an adviser to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Karel Havalko. His dismissal was recommended by the electoral committee because he was affiliated with the electoral committee of presidential candidate ANO leader Andrej Babia.

Government coalition members voted in favor and ANO and SPD members voted against. Kppl announced that he would defend himself in court at two o’clock. The coalition had tried to oust Kppl in the past but failed twice due to the healing tactics of the opposition.

At the start of the House session, the opposition parties tried to push the discussion points they wanted to discuss on the government’s consolidated package and pension reform. He didn’t miss a single point.

ANO Member of Parliament Jana Bastuchov wanted the House of Representatives to deal with the legal option of marriage, even for same-sex marriages, before a motion to impeach Daniel Capel. It is about a candidate who has the support of the coalition and opposition parties.

In the end, the House voted on a proposal by John Bergey of the STAN Movement of Kola to introduce an amendment to the Municipal Act, which was vetoed by People’s Representative Ondage Penek, as the last point of the day. So it is possible that he will not get parliament.

Now is the worst time to shake off diesel

According to the coalition’s proposal, MPs will first discuss the suspended dream consumption tax on diesel and the government’s power to renew the basic name of the government agency. The opposition decided to veto the standards.

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If the coalition’s proposal is passed, consumption tax on diesel will increase by 1.50 K to the original level of 9.95 crowns per litre. The government wants to take this step now that the price of this fuel has fallen in Europe. The loan was due by the end of the year.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the rollback of the tax rate means a transfer of K 727 million per month to the state budget and another K 73 million to the budget of the State Transport Infrastructure Fund.

Consumption tax on diesel fuel was abolished last year. In the first quarter of this summer, there was a significant decline in diesel and gasoline prices, so we think this is the best time to return this day, MP STAN Hana Niklerov said.

As a priority, the House of Representatives will discuss amendments to the Labor Law to regulate work from home, family relationships with minor children and contract work.

An amendment to the Labor Code will allow employers to pay paula to compensate employees for expenses incurred while working from home. For example, employees under a contract of employment must be paid based on hours worked for leave and holidays, weekends, night and dry weather. People with children under the age of nine, even if they are close, are entitled to short-time work, part-time work or other reduced working hours.

Transport Minister and ODS Mayor Martin Kupka spoke about the combined package before the arrest. He said that the Czech Republic should consolidate public budgets. This is a necessary step for the Czech economy. In the coming years, we will try to dream of marriage, he said.

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A pair of proposals that would make it easier for people and companies to get out of debt in taxes and social contributions have been in agreement between the Coalition and the opposition, and they are equally in a vicious cycle. Therefore, the Parliament should decide on them. On Thursday, the Lower House will devote itself to the interposition of certain documents and other issues after the current session closes until Tuesday, May 23.

This Friday, these members of parliament will meet in an extraordinary meeting where a government group will try to implement written destruction of assets among high-ranking politicians, especially in the plantation law. Rear brake pads can be moved Yes.

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