Twins who ate vegetables from the market died in Odessa: the mother called a doctor from OLX

Police are investigating the case as an “accident” and “improper performance of professional duties by a medical or pharmaceutical worker”.

In Odessa, four-year-old twins in a family of immigrants from Kherson died after eating vegetables bought at the market. The twins’ mother called a doctor for them based on an ad on ОLX. The police have started a case registration investigation.

About sadness reported The “Antikor” publication refers to sources among law enforcement officers and was officially commented by the police of the Odesa region.

According to the publication, on the night of May 14 in Odessa, an “ambulance” employee called the police and reported. The boy, born in 2018, confirmed the death of K. Seven hours later, his sister K.

A day before the tragedy, Olena, the mother of the twins, bought vegetables at the well-known Odessa market “Bryvos”. In the evening, the woman fed these vegetables to the children, after which they Stomach pain and vomiting started.

What did OLX and the “ambulance” doctor do?

Then, on the morning of May 13, the woman called Hanna, a paediatrician, whom she got to know from an advertisement on the OLX website. At 1:00 p.m., the doctor who came to examine the twins administered an injection called “Serugal”. The dose of this medicine is calculated based on body weight.

After that, the children’s vomiting stopped, but they no longer ate anything, but only drank purified still water. On the night of May 14, the boy asked his mother to help him go to the toilet. The woman noticed that The son is very weak and moves with great effort, so I called an ambulance. Olena waited for the medical team for about five to seven minutes, holding the baby in her arms.

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The boy was out of breath Minutes before the medics arrived. “Ambulance” doctors tried to revive the child, but could not save her. The boy’s sister was diagnosed with “poisoning by an unknown substance” and was taken to Regional Children’s Hospital in critical condition. The girl also died.

What do the police say?

In the police ConfidentHe received the news of the death of the twins from the doctors.

“Law enforcement officials previously established that the day before the children fell ill, the mother tried to give them first aid, but it did not help, so she called a nurse. However, then the condition of the children deteriorated sharply. And the mother called an ambulance. Unfortunately, the boy died before the doctors arrived, and the girl was in a medical facility. There is,” the law enforcement agency said.

The police mentioned The primary cause of death in the children was poisoning.

Information about the circumstances of the twins’ death was entered by law enforcement officials into the integrated register of the preliminary investigation with the marks “accident” and “improper performance of professional duties of a medical or pharmaceutical worker.” Within the framework of the initiated actions, a number of examinations are appointed, in particular, forensic examinations, which will establish the cause of death of children.

Let us remind you that earlier, in the Odesa region, an 11-month-old boy was poisoned with rat poison.

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