Former US President Clinton attends a social event at Retuda

Former US President Bill Clinton, who arrived in Prague on Saturday evening, took part in an informal social event at the Reduta jazz club on Sunday.

Czech President Petr Pavel and his wife, former First Lady Dagmar Havlová, Speaker of the House of Representatives Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09) and Foreign and Interior Ministers Jan Lipavský (Pirates) and Vít Rakušan (STAN) also attended the event. This is according to CNN Prima News and Czech Television (ČT).

He reported on the meeting with Clinton at Redoubt X Network and news and information portal about the North Atlantic Alliance and security issues

In Reduta, Clinton recalled her second visit to the Czech Republic in January 1994. During that time, he saw the Charles Bridge, among other things, with his patron and then-president Václav Havel. They then spent the evening at the Reduta Jazz Club in an informal gathering of Czech musicians, and Clinton also played a brand new saxophone provided by Havel.

At this time, according to photos from social networks, Clinton walked across the Charles Bridge, CNN Prima News reported. He reached Reduta around 5:30 pm and stayed there for about an hour and a half. CT reported that Clinton recalled the evening in January 1994 during a meeting with Czech politicians and other dignitaries. She said it was an emotional time for her because her mother had died five days earlier. He described the then meeting with Havel as very important from the point of view of the security not only of the Czech Republic but also of the United States. He highlighted the Czech Republic's current role in the alliance and artillery shelling of Ukraine, which has been facing two years of Russian aggression.

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In addition to the current politicians, according to TV stations, former Prime Minister Mirek Tobolanek, director Vaclav Marhol and Vaclav Havel's former colleagues – ex-ambassador Michael Jandowski, national security advisor Tomas Bojar and MEP Aleksandar Vondra (ODS) also received an invitation. portal Other guests included former Havel spokesman Ladislav Spasek and private photographer Tomky Nemec, former Chief of General Staff Jiří Sediv and his namesake Jiří Sediv, who served as NATO's first Czech Secretary General. .

“He came here 30 years ago as a symbol of world politics and surprised many when he played the saxophone in Reduta. I don't have a direct comparison, I was a gym student at the time, but the immediacy was with this gentleman. and encourage modesty. But Bill Clinton doesn't just remember the past and Havel. He also spoke highly of our current assistance to Ukraine. It's an honor and a pleasure, Mr. Clinton. He wrote On the X network, the Austrian Interior Minister and posted a joint photo. Photo taken at joint meeting She published and Begaroa Adamoa.

On Tuesday, Clinton will attend a conference at Prague Castle commemorating 25 years since the Czech Republic joined NATO, and our defense is certainly not an issue. Clinton, who was US president between 1993 and 2001, came to Prague at the invitation of Czech President Peter Pavlin. The conference, organized by the Jagello 2000 Association at the Spanish Hall, will include, in addition to Clinton, Czech constitutional authorities and former NATO Secretary General George Robertson. The organizers of the conference drew attention to the fact that at the beginning of his first term, for the first time in history, he outlined a vision of an undivided and undemocratic Europe.

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