Firefighters put out a house fire in Prague. Soon they had to move on to the next place

Firefighters first went to Na Hutmance street in Prague Jinones on Wednesday after 18.00.

“There was garbage burning in one of the rooms of the empty house, probably inhabited by homeless people. Two professional units and a volunteer intervened at the scene,” fire department spokesman Martin Gavka told Novincom.

Firefighters inspected the building after extinguishing the fire. There was no sign of further trouble as they headed back to the fire station.

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But around 10:00, they had to go back to the location. When they arrived, flames were shooting from the entire first floor of the home, and the first unit had to call for reinforcements.

“In this case two professional units intervened at the scene. Intervention in breathing technique with multiple water jets,” Kavka added.

Photo: News

House fire in Prague Jinones

In both cases, poor parking by motorists made it difficult for firefighters to reach the scene. The circumstances and cause of the fire are being investigated along with the fire brigade inspector and the police.

According to Novinek information, there is a version of deliberate ignition or persistent carelessness of one of the visitors or temporary residents of the building.

Photo: HZS Prague

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