The White House assured Ukraine of bipartisan support in the US Congress

Negotiations continue on a draft law to lift the aid embargo to Ukraine.

The US administration does not believe that the process of providing additional aid to Ukraine has failed in Congress, as the effort continues and the funds agreed upon with Ukrainian partners are now vital to Ukraine.

John Kirby, coordinator of the National Security Council of Ukraine, said this. write down Ugrinform.

Asked if he thought the border reform and aid bill for Ukraine had failed, Kirby said, “No.”

An administration official stressed that he would not criticize Congress members.

“We believe there is strong bipartisan and bicameral support for Ukraine. The heads of the committees in the House of Representatives — oversight, intelligence, foreign affairs — they all support Ukraine,” Kirby said.

He stressed that negotiations on a draft law banning aid to Ukraine would continue. The United States has been unable to send much-needed aid to Ukraine for more than a month amid ongoing discussions over the issue.

“This is what we need, it has been thought through, vetted, thoughtfully discussed with our Ukrainian counterparts. We need this funding now,” Kirby summed up.

▶ Watch the video on the TSN YouTube channel at this link: Tension in the US Parliament! Ukraine has no money

We will remind you that Victoria Nuland, Deputy Secretary of State of the United States came to Ukraine.

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