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Protests spread across Poland.

Polish farmers are holding a major strike on February 20, 2024, during which roadblocks and protests will take place in more than half a thousand locations across Poland.

The main demands of farmers remain unchanged: the withdrawal of the Polish government from the European Green Deal and the blockade of agricultural products from Ukraine, writes Ukrinform.

Police said 580 protests have been officially registered across Poland, with around 70,000 people expected to take part. This is a major event that will require the involvement of a large number of law enforcement officers.

Severe traffic jams are expected across Poland due to the farmers' strike, as protesters plan to block key stretches of road in and out of cities.

Protesters will not be able to enter the center of Warsaw on agricultural machinery, but they will block the S2 highway on the outskirts of the city and the main access roads to the Polish capital. Protests will also take place in other Polish cities, although the mayors of some of them, such as Bydgoszcz and Lublin, have banned strikes. Farmers have appealed in these cases and are awaiting the court's decision.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk noted that the Polish government is doing everything possible to find mutually acceptable solutions with its Ukrainian counterparts and relax the requirements of the European Green Curriculum. Meanwhile, he warned farmers not to allow themselves to be used for political purposes by opponents of the current government.

During a previous farmers' protest in Warsaw on March 6, clashes with the police resulted in the injury of several police officers, and dozens of protesters were detained for aggressive actions.

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On March 15, TSN.ua already reported that Polish farmers started blocking its borders in order to check grain imports from Slovakia. of Ukraine. There too the road was blocked by tractors. Such a move led to a pile-up of about a dozen cars and several dozen trucks at the border.

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