Fiala said the 235 billion deficit was a technical problem and not a political decision by the government.

Finance Minister Zbyk Stanjura’s department announced on Thursday that it plans to exceed the limit of the 235 billion deficit and controversial package in the document for the fifth year. Think of me.

Did you know that the finance minister announced that he had placed a mole on the shoulder of the controversial package? the Prime Minister asked the press on Thursday. We need to be clear about what this is about. By law, it is necessary to submit some kind of budget, which is basically a technical budget that is submitted to comply with the law, but we still have a political debate about what the budget will look like, at the European Political Community (EPC) in Kiev, Moldova. ) said Fiala during the Fourth Summit.

So, the powers that be there are just technical-administrative records, but it is not a political decision of the government as to what the beginning will be in five years and which direction we will go,” Fiala added.

According to budget rules, the government has to discuss the first draft budget by June 20. The document has not yet been published in the Public Library of Government Materials. A deficit of 295 billion kroner has been recognized this year, but some economists think it’s you.

According to Tenek, the budget proposed to reduce the total funding level for salaries by a quarter percent. The pay scale in the public sector should be reduced by five percent. Support or selective grants for research, development and innovation should also be considered.

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Server said the review of payments to health insurers for the state debtor should be postponed until 2025. However, Health Minister Vlastimil Vlek (TOP 09) announced on Thursday that the automatic review of payments to the state borrower will not be postponed. or transferred in the fifth year.

The material budget deficit of the Ministry of Finance is subject to further increase in the coming years. In 2025, the deficit should decrease to 200 billion crowns, and a year later to 175 billion crowns.

A very deep budget deficit in the first five months

Last year, the national budget ended with a deficit of 360.4 billion crowns, which is the state’s worst economic result since 2021 and 2020. This year, the budget was approved with a deficit of 295 billion crowns, but economists and the opposition expect the economic outcome to be worse.

In May, the general budget deficit deepened to 271.4 billion crowns, the deepest budget deficit in the first five months of the year since the beginning of the crisis.

At the same time last year, there was a deficit of 189.3 billion crowns. Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura wants to submit a proposal to the government within five weeks that will cover disputes of about 20 billion crowns in the second half of the year, the finance ministry said on Thursday.

Stanczura said May was a weak month in terms of the full spread of traditions. Even as we head into the second half of the year, we need to apply the brakes when the depth of the deficit drastically cuts the first income dividend tax, dividends from the EZ and pensions from European funds. The government, he said on the May Budget results.

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At this time, we cannot provide a definitive estimate of the budget for the year. Expect some kind of income to come in the summer months, from taxes or, for example, profits from EZ. Then we have to add it to the data so far and we know how it will start to develop in the summer, Petr Fiala said on Thursday.

Last month, the government presented a package to consolidate public finances to reduce the budget deficit. The proposed plan should reduce the deficit to 94.1 billion kroner in the fifth year and another 53.4 billion kroner in 2025.

In the opposite direction, however, is the act of some newly authorized spending, for example, the Defense Minimum Spending Act. The controversial package is now going through the Peppermint floor, and the government wants to debate the red and purple field again in the House of Representatives.

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