The enemy attacked Sumy Oblast – Ukraine –

The enemy is again shelling the Sumi area.

As of 21:00 on January 22, 2024, the situation in the border areas of Sumi was known.

about this informs Sumy Regional Military Administration.

During the day, the Russians launched 40 shelling attacks on border areas and settlements in the Sumy region. 186 outbreaks were reported. The communities of Khotinsk, Yunakivsk, Bilopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Velikopysarivsk, Esmansk, Seredino-Budsk, Svesk were shelled.

  • Bilopolsk community: hit by an “FPV” type drone (3 explosions), shelling from mortars (12 explosions) and artillery (24 explosions).
  • Velykopysarivsk community: fired by enemy artillery (28 bursts), mortar (9 bursts), LNG grenade launchers and AGS (39 bursts). In addition, VOG was dropped using UAVs (4 explosions) and “FPV” type drones were attacked (2 explosions).
  • Krasnopil community: VOG dropped by UAV (6 explosions) and mortar shell (4 explosions).
  • Esman Community: 9 mines were dropped by the Russians on the territory of the community. Small arms fire was fired.
  • Community of the Line: Enemy hit by mortars (25 explosions).
  • Svesk community: mortar shelling (2 explosions) and artillery shelling (3 explosions) carried out.
  • Yunakiv Community: Russians attacked with artillery (8 explosions).
  • Seredino-Butsk community: motor fire (8 explosions).

We will remind you of that beforehand Monitoring channels warned of the departure of Tu-95ms strategic bombers.

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